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Does your website force visitors to leap over hurdles to find what they want?
6 tips to help visitors easily navigate your website
What is the single most important website design element? Hint: It's not stunning visuals or a slick interface.  In a survey by HubSpot,  76% of the respondents indicated the most important element is "the website makes it easy for me to find what I want."  Why is that number one? Because so many websites make visitors leap over hurdles to find what they want!
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Kim and Georgette Network at Noon
Kim Landry answered questions from Georgette Klotz at a recent Main Line Chamber event.
Live Q&A with Hollister President Kim Landry
Hollister Creative President Kim Landry talked about marketing communications and social impact in a live Q&A at a recent Main Line Chamber of Commerce "Network at Noon" event. Questions touched on keeping pace with changing technology, marketing's core functions, partnerships vs. outsourcing, how business can be a force for good, and the difference between corporate social responsibility and social impact.

Learn why you need a big digital footprint and how to create one.
Need a do-it-yourself plan to get found online? Register here for May 10
The Urban League of Philadelphia is again hosting a presentation by Hollister Creative President Kim Landry on " Winning at Local Search: A Do-It-Yourself Plan To Get Found Online." On May 10, 6-8pm at the Wharton School, Landry's audience will learn  the essentials as well as the newest ways to enhance their company's online presence, including the role of their website, blog, social media, directory listings and Google Knowledge Panel in organic, paid, local and mobile search.
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Learn how operating for positive impact makes an organization stronger

Every for-profit and non-profit organization - including yours - has an impact on multiple stakeholders . The impact could be positive, neutral or negative. Assuming you want your organization to have a positive impact, here's your chance to learn how. Hollister Creative and UBS Financial Services are co-hosting a Best for PHL workshop June 7 for business leaders and July 18 for non-profit leaders. By participating in a guided, confidential online self-assessment, you will learn how adopting positive impact best practices can strengthen your brand and your bottom line.

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The allure and the lore of lavender
Lavender's heavenly herby scent plays a large part in the allure of this pretty, purple-flowering plant. 

But lavender lovers also enjoy the lore that has gathered around this plant over a history of at least 2,500 years. It was said to be a talisman against evil as well as Cleopatra's secret to seducing Julius Caesar and Mark Antony. 

Lore aside, the lavender plant has proven itself as a cooking herb, natural air freshener, bug repellent and tension reducer. 

You can grow your own on a windowsill in this  wax-coated, recycled paper planter. It comes with seeds, a two-layer growing medium, plant food and instructions.
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