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Issue: 46
May 2015
MRMPO and MRCOG Transportation News

Futures 2040 MTP and FFY 2016-2021 TIP Adopted by the Metropolitan Transportation Board on April 17
Futures 2040 MTP and FFY 2016-2021 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) were adopted by the Metropolitan Transportation Board on April 17.

The plan sets a direction for the region in terms of infrastructure spending and establishes critical links between growth patterns and transportation outcomes. Other key themes in the MTP include greater emphasis placed by local agencies on maintaining the existing infrastructure rather than expanding roadways, and changing travel preferences and the desire for greater transportation options.

The MTP and TIP can both be downloaded from the MRCOG website. Hardcopies can be obtained on request by calling 505-724-3616.

MRMPO would like to thank all those who helped with the plan. Many people contributed valuable time and energy, and the plan would not have been possible without this level of effort and interest.   

The MTP was recently featured in several news articles:

"More Traffic Jams on ABQ Roads" 

-Albuquerque Journal, April 13, 2015

"Metro Transportation Plan to Focus on Maintenance"

-Albuquerque Journal, April 18, 2015 
-Albuquerque Journal, April 23, 2015 

"Who Knew? Albuquerque Mostly Just Like Everywhere"

-Albuquerque Business First, April 3, 2015 


Bike Share Pilot Program Launches May 15

Albuquerque is gearing up for its first bike share - BICI (pronounced "bee-see"). The one-year pilot program will begin with 65 bikes at 13 stations in the downtown area on May 15 - which is also National Bike to Work Day. A membership is required to use BICI, which costs $25 for one year and includes 90 minutes of free ride time each day. After 90 minutes, it's $3 per hour. On May 15 from 6:30-8:30am, there will be a Bike to Work Day stop and BICI kick-off at Civic Plaza and a press conference at 8am. To sign up for a membership or learn more about the program please visit here


Bike to Work Day 2015


"Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bike." ~ John F. Kennedy.


May 15th   is National Bike to Work Day. It is a great day to celebrate those who already bicycle and encourage others to try out bicycling. There are many great ways to get started or to bring new excitement to bicycling in Albuquerque and the surrounding areas:


BIKE TO WORK DAY- There will be  12 food stops around town  serving bicycle commuters May 14-15 th from 6:30-8:30AM including two new stops in the South Valley. Riders are encouraged to pedal in and pick up snacks, coffee, and promotional items while supplies last. Do you need a bicycle? Or other resources related to bicycling in Albuquerque? Check out the  City of Albuquerque's website  about this event that also includes a variety of information about getting around by bicycle. There are many great reasons to bike. Our current favorite reason is to  "Shed the Monster."


JOIN THE NATIONAL BIKE CHALLENGE- The National Bike Challenge, organized by People for Bikes, is running from May to September this year. We want to challenge Albuquerque to get out there and join the Challenge.


is also the launch of Albuquerque's first bike share program,  BICI Downtown Bikes . The pilot program is starting with 13 stations in the downtown area.  Come to Bike to Work Day's Downtown Food Stop to sign up and check out the bicycles (you can also  sign up online ). Also, check out the launch's press conference at the Downtown Food Stop at Civic Plaza at 8am Friday May 15th .
Transportation News

May is National Bike Month
Across the country, cities big and small are celebrating National Bike Month in various ways. Read more about what National Bike Month is all about on the U.S. Department of Transportation's May 4  Fast Lane Blog post .

Today, May 6, is National Bike to School Day. Participation in the event has grown from 950 schools in 2012 to 2,377 schools participating across the country in 2015. In New Mexico, 34 schools are participating--three of which are in our region. If your school would like to plan an event next time, more information can be found here.    

Santa Fe to try out Green Bike Lanes in Pilot Project

The City of Santa Fe has been making strides in improving bicycling infrastructure with the help of the Santa Fe MPO. Read more about their successes and upcoming pilot project that will involve painting select intersections green to bring more visibility to bicyclists and help both riders and motorists understand how to navigate these areas.

Smarter Work Zones
The FHWA, as part of the Every Day Counts 3 initiative and the Accelerating Innovation program, is coordinating among DOTs and local agencies to investigate and deploy "Smarter Work Zones," which are intended to manage traffic in work and construction zones to increase driver information, improve flow, and improve safety. Two strategies for managing work zones that can minimize travel delays and help maintain motorist and worker safety are:

  • Coordination of roadway construction projects to reduce work zone impacts
  • Use of technology applications to dynamically manage traffic in the work zone environment
The NMDOT will be employing a Smarter Work Zone strategy in the upcoming I-40 reconstruction near the Coors Interchange project this summer. That project will employ Dynamic Message Signs (DMS) with a traveler app via for travelers to enter their origin and destination and receive real-time travel time updates. The construction zone will also employ what is referred to as a "Late Merge," or " Zipper Merge," which will convey to travelers to use all lanes of travel leading up to a lane-drop and instruct drivers to "alternate" their merge with the traffic in the adjacent lane.  This practice has been used by DOTs across the country and has resulted in tremendous improvements in flow and safety, as well as reduced backups and reduced driver frustration. The ITS Subcommittee is playing a coordinating role among the NMDOT and MRCOG member agencies to pursue smooth deployment of these innovating initiatives.  More information on the FHWA's Accelerating Innovation Program can be found here, and a Factsheet on Smarter Work Zones can be found here

May Calendar

Metropolitan Transportation Board Meeting
Fri., May 15, 
MRCOG Board Room
Rio Metro Board Meeting
Fri., May 15, noon 

MRCOG Board Room
ITS Subcommittee Meeting Thurs., May 28, 1:30-3:30 MRCOG Offices

MRMPO Staff Contact Information


Aaron Sussman, Senior Planner                       


Andrew Gingerich, GIS Analyst 


Barbara Thomas, Program Support Coordinator 


Caeri Thomas, Transportation Planner/GIS Coordinator                               


Chowdhury Siddiqui, Travel Demand Modeler/Land Use Modeler                          


Dave Pennella , Transportation Program Manager 


James Foty, Transportation Intern  


Julie Luna, Transportation Planner                                          


Kendra Watkins, Socioeconomic Program Manager     


Maida Rubin, Planner


Nathan Masek, Senior Transportation Planner                         


Shohreh Day, GIS/Systems Analyst                                   


Steven Montiel, Transportation Planner/TIP Coordinator                        


Tara Cok, Transportation Planner                                   


Thaddeus Lucero , Director of Planning