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Kentucky Local Technical Assistance Program - May 3rd, 2022



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National Public Works Week

May 15 - 21, 2022

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"Ready & Resilient" is the theme for this year's 2022 National Public Works Week from APWA.

Superheroes lie within each and every public works professional. They are always READY to serve their communities, and are RESILIENT as ever in their abilities to solve challenges and problems. This poster salutes the hard working men and women of the public works community.

APWA Bluegrass Branch Roadeo EventMay 19th


The American Public Works Association (APWA) serves all professionals in the world of public works. APWA is a not-for-profit organization that provides both educational and networking opportunities to enhance public works personnel to grow both professionally and personally.

Join the APWA Bluegrass Branch during Public Works week to compete in the branch’s Roadeo. Gift cards for first through third place will be awarded.

In addition to the Roadeo, the day will consist of a free, Chainsaw training; worth one professional development

hour, and a spilt the pot Cornhole tournament. 

For more information:

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or contact Chapter President,


May 12th Meeting

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Looking to build network connections

and gain technical knowledge on county issues?

Join us at the next KACERS meeting. KACERS, the Kentucky Association of County Engineers and Road Supervisors primary objective is to advance county engineering, road maintenance, and management by providing a forum for training, the exchange of ideas, and information.

KACERS meets once each month to discuss chapter business and provide

an hour of professional development through technical trainings.


For more information: contact Chapter Secretary,

or Chapter President Rob Franxman

Webinar Wednesday

Managing Local Roads Effectively Using Asset Management

May 11

9:00am - 10:00am EST

Local roadway agencies are expected to provide a safe, comfortable traveling experience to the community. However, the resources available to meet expectations are limited, particularly for small and rural agencies.

This training offers a simple overview of TAM’s components and illustrates how little changes and tools can have a big impact on an agency.

May WWa.jpg

Join us at 9:00 am EST on the 2nd Wednesday of each month for a free, one-hour webinar. The presentation will follow two tracks: Leadership and Transportation. Participants will receive one professional development hour. These trainings are approved by the Department of Local Government for the County Officials Program.

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Traffic Incident Management

Responder Training

May 19th AM Class


May 19th PM Class



Kentucky's Traffic Incident Management (TIM) training program addresses the challenges of moving people and goods efficiently and safely on the nation's highways. The Program focuses on response efforts that protect motorists and responders while minimizing the impact on traffic flow.

TIM efforts include detecting, verifying and responding to incidents; clearing the incident scene; and restoring traffic flow.

Based on the severity or type of incident, first responders may represent law enforcement, fire, transportation, emergency medical services, public safety, towing and recovery, public works and hazardous materials (HAZMAT) disciplines. 


Join us on the 4th Wednesday of each month for free webinars that will cover job-specific information as well as general safety topics. Road Safety Champions focus on doing their job safely, and we will provide you the tools to feel confident in promoting safety in any workplace. With diverse courses in maintenance, construction, engineering, and more, you will find one or many opportunities to learn. Complete the program requirements and you can earn a Road Safety Champion certificate.

Road Safety Champion - Safety Analysis Process

May 25

9:00am -11:00am EST

Learn more about keeping Kentuckians safe on our roadways. Take part in the Road Safety Champion Program, established by the National Center for Rural Road Safety. Become a Road Safety Champion today.

The safety analysis process, as part of the FHWA Safety Toolkit, is a systemic process for identifying the factors that can contribute to crashes and implementing effective countermeasures. It is a best practice method that is flexible and can be used to fit your needs. This two-hour training will cover the seven-step process and discuss how it can be applied using two different complementary analysis methods: the traditional site safety analysis and the systemic analysis. Additionally, case studies will be utilized to practice applying the process.

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Kentucky's Plan

for Better CDL Enforcement

Lifesavers Webinar Series

May 17th

9:00AM - 10:00AM

SAFEKY yellow border_ blue background.png

Kentucky Commercial Motor Vehicle Enforcement and Prosecution

Kentucky Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor Tom Lockridge will

discuss the innovative approach that Kentucky will use to improve Commercial Motor Vehicle enforcement and prosecution across the state.

Lockridge will discuss the Kentucky CDL Advisory Committee and the CDL Outreach Project being implemented by that group of interested stakeholders.

The presenter will discuss the findings of a 15-year study of Kentucky’s commercial driver’s license prosecution, adjudication and data transmission and steps that should be taken to make sure Kentucky remains in compliance with Federal Regulations.

SPRING LINK cover.jpg

Be on the lookout for the latest edition of the LINK!

To sign up to receive a hard copy in the mail, email

KTC Research:

Helps Optimize Commercial Vehicle Enforcement and Safety Activities


Like many states, Kentucky has experienced a decline of enforcement personnel to operate weigh stations limiting its ability to conduct inspections for safety enforcement and revenue collection. KTC studied and analyzed three CMV facilities for their impact on safety enforcement and revenue collection and determined their viability for potential replacement.

All three existing weigh stations in Hardin, Fulton, and Henderson counties will be bypassed or removed due to future interstate and interchange construction plans.

These weigh stations were assessed for the amount of revenue collected against operating expenses, the ratio of citations issued per violation, and the impact each weigh station had on overall safety.

Researchers developed guidelines decision makers and stakeholders

can use to determine the outcome

for each of the three weigh stations: permanently close, replace with a new facility, or convert to remote monitoring.

This guidance can be applied beyond the three facilities in the study, to help make future decisions on weigh stations across Kentucky.

Click HERE to read more.

Coming this Summer

Basic Survey Course


This hands-on course offers instruction in pacing, measuring horizontal and vertical distances and an introduction to the auto level. Join us in the classroom and outside for field exercises. 


August 2nd - Elizabethtown, KY

August 3rd - Elizabethtown, KY


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