May News & Notes
Center for Developing Minds
The CDM clinical team includes experts in child behavior and development, educational psychology, therapy, and speech pathology. We continue to provide the highest level of care to young children and students with autism, ADHD, behavioral struggles, learning disabilities, anxiety, speech and language delays, and depression.

Please read below for more details about new staff and upcoming clinic events, including a new class for student-athletes, "Train Your Brain." Be sure to watch for future emails and check our social media pages for updates about all of these offerings and news about Dr. Korb's book, "Raising an Organized Child," which will be released next month!
Now available for pre-order!

Organized children are raised, not born.

That’s the philosophy behind Dr. Korb's confidence-building, sanity-saving new book. Parents who despair at the thought of another morning spent helping their child look for a shoe's mate or dread another teacher note about homework completed but never turned in will find hope here!
Raising an Organized Child will help parents develop their children's organized thinking skills and executive function. These skills are tied to developmental milestones, so whether a child is an infant or a teenager, it's never too late (or too early!) to foster organization in him or her and harmony in the whole family.

Child Development Chats
The next chat topic is "Sensory Processing Dysfunction and the Eighth Sense , " and features Makenzie Wesner, PNP . Interoception is the sensory system that helps us assess internal feelings. Increasingly, it’s being recognized as the 8 th sense, along with sight, sound, smell, taste, touch, balance and movement in space. Learn how SPD interacts with interoception, and discuss tips to help your child manage their many senses.
Parents, teachers and other professionals, please join in the interactive discussion at the clinic on Thursday, May 16, from 7:00 to 8:00pm. All chats are free-of-charge.
Welcome, Carolina!

The CDM is pleased to announce that Carolina Gavilanes, M.A., M.Ed., has joined the clinical team as an Education Specialist at the Center for Developing Minds. She specializes in literacy development for elementary students and enjoys supporting students of all ages who are struggling with organizational skills. With more than twenty years of experience in education, her therapy sessions are designed to make students feel successful and understand their challenges and strengths. She provides case management and collaboration among teachers, parents and clinical professionals. She currently has openings for new clients, so to schedule a time for your student to meet with Carolina, please contact the clinic!

New Classes & Groups
Train Your Brain
Individualized Mental Athletic Training for Aspiring Athletes
Many young athletes spend countless hours training their bodies to excel in athletics, yet they tend to ignore the mental preparation that is essential to improvement and growth. When the mind and body are equally prepared, athletes reach their full potential. Through specialized one-on-one meetings, young athletes will learn a variety of skills and strategies to address their individual needs and give them a mental edge in competition.

The Train Your Brain program consists of a two-part initial assessment, which includes a review of film (ideally) and pre-assessment questionnaires completed by the athlete, coach and parents. The instructor will then guide a discussion regarding goals and the development of a targeted plan for the athlete. Please see the link for specific program information.

Supportive Siblings
For brothers and sisters of a child with special needs.

The siblings of a child with special needs face situations and deal with issues unique to many families. This monthly group will provide these sibs with a safe and supportive environment for them to communicate their concerns, share their stresses, and learn how other families handle difficult situations related to having a special needs child.
Facilitated by a CDM therapist, siblings ages 8-18 years old will be able to address issues related to their specific family situation, while participating in fun, age-appropriate, group activities. Discussion will focus on how to communicate any feelings of resentment or jealousy, suggestions on what to do during embarrassing moments, and recognition of the siblings' important role in their family. 
The groups meet once per month and pizza is served for participants too! Next session will be Monday, May 20 at 6:00 and 7:00pm. Please learn more details here:

Summer PsychoEd Testing Review and Plan

Remember, summer break is a great time to review your student's prior psychoeducational testing results and determine a plan for the upcoming school year. We have expert educational psychologists available to consult with your family, helping you interpret the report and implement any recommendations. Contact the clinic for more information.
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Friendly Reminder for CDM Clients
Please remember to plan ahead and allow at least three days for the processing of any prescription medication refills. If travel plans are on the horizon, be sure to discuss refill needs with your clinician at your next appointment.
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