May 2017
High-Voltage Transmission Line Work Over Interstate Prepares Way For New Ramp
An operation to raise high-voltage power lines over Interstate 64 -- a maneuver necessary for construction of the Interchange Improvements Project -- was completed successfully over two nights in late May.

The work required a complex traffic control effort that involved multiple interstate stoppages, which were scheduled for late evening and early morning to limit the impact to motorists. Weather posed another challenge, forcing crews to suspend operations one night.

The transmission lines, which already crossed I-64, had to be further elevated so Tutor Perini Corp., the contractor for Phase I of the Interchange Improvements, has enough clearance for its equipment to build a new ramp that will reduce congestion and improve safety between I-64 west and I-264 east.

First, Dominion Energy erected new 160-foot-tall transmission towers earlier this spring along Curlew Drive, which runs perpendicular to and under I-64. But to move the lines from the old towers to the new ones, traffic on the interstate had to be stopped long enough to give Dominion crews time to safely make the transfer. A pl an was developed that involved VDOT, Virginia State Police, Norfolk Police, Dominion and a number of VDOT consultants and contractors. The maneuver also required the coordination of traffic control at several ramps at the interchange.

Bobby Badary, utilities construction manager for VDOT's Hampton Roads District, was out until 2:30 a.m. overseeing the operation the night it was completed. The next morning he praised all involved, calling it "professionalism at its best."

Captions: The top photo shows the new transmission towers, viewed from Curlew Drive near Easton Preschool. The inset photo shows part of the overnight transfer operation.
Progress Report and Look Ahead

Phase I (I-64/I-264 to Newtown Road)

Recently Completed:

  • Piles for box culvert wingwall near Kempsville Road
  • Section of box culvert next to First Baptist Norfolk


  • Box culvert wingwall near Kempsville Road
  • Box culvert extension midway between Curlew Dr and Kempsville Rd
  • Foundation improvements for I-64 west near Curlew Drive overpass
  • Foundations and columns from Kempsville Road to Newtown Road
  • Culvert construction at the infield between I-264 east and Exit 15A to Newton Road
    • Maintaining erosion and settlement control measures


    • Foundations and columns from Curlew Drive to Kempsville Road for new bridge construction
      Before Construction, VDOT Helped Recover Trove of Colonial Artifacts at Project Site

      Before construction began on the I-64/I-264 Interchange Improvements Project, another crew was busy at the site preserving a connection to Virginia's past.

      Teams with VDOT’s Environmental Division first discovered artifacts on South Newtown Road while conducting a pre-construction site investigation. That led to the College of William & Mary sending archaeologists, who swooped in with trowels, brushes and screens to gingerly uncover and recover more than 20,000 artifacts thought to be from a colonial Newtown settlement.

      Over six months they discovered buttons, bowls, pipes, pots and much more – raising questions about how all the artifacts ended up in the ground.

      “Are we seeing evidence of perhaps a failed business venture from these artifacts?” VDOT Archaeologist Ken Stuck asked. “Or are we seeing perhaps that a ship had a very rough crossing across the Atlantic and a lot of its material was broken in transit and it was just dumped and buried after it arrived in Newtown?”

      The archaeological dig cleared the way for construction to begin last fall on a safer, less congested ramp at Virginia's second busiest interchange. Funding from the federal government helped VDOT protect the past as it works to keep Virginia moving into the future.

      Traffic Impacts
      The following lane closures are scheduled this week for work in support of Phase I of the I-64/I-264 Interchange Improvements Project:
      • I-264 west: Right lane/shoulder closure just past Newtown Road in the outside set of lanes, from 9 p.m. Wednesday, May 31, to 5 a.m. Thursday, June 1
      Additionally, s houlders along I-64 west and a portion of I-264 east are closed for construction.

      Motorists are urged to put down their phones, obey speed limits and drive with caution.

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