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The Wall Street Journal: "U.S. insurers are doing the once unthinkable, turning away business from some Americans who want a life-insurance policy." WSJ, May 11, 2020

Thankfully, GPAgency has many options, but the climate is changing fast -- now is the time to purchase life insurance! A nice by-product of social distancing: the application process is less intrusive with medical exams being waived in many cases.
We are easing back
into face-to-face contact:
We have now opened our doors to agents.

To comply with state regulations pertaining to occupancy, please call ahead for an appointment if you plan to stop in :
(919) 834-7937.

Please note, through May 29th, we will maintain our current hours: 8:30 am - 5:00 pm (M-Th); 8:30 am - 3:00 pm (F) EDT. 

Thank you for your support as we work together to meet this challenge!
Did You Know?
Lapsed AML Training is a leading cause of case delays. If your annual AML training expires, carriers cannot issue your policies until your training is completed and certified.
MAY Is Disability Income Awareness Month!
  • See our upcoming DI programs below.
  • We will be sharing DI resources throughout the month. Click on HERE for unbranded marketing material from Life Happens and other sources.
  • Did you know that we have an online DI Quote form on our website? Producer Portal > Quotes > DI
Did You Know?
IRA update — All IRA contributions for 2019 are deferred to July 15, 2020. Visit the IRS website for more information.
RMD update — While the SECURE Act has moved the age of mandatory required distributions from age 70 ½ to age 72, this year there are no RMD requirements. So, your clients face no tax penalty risk in 2020.
Benefits of Cash Value Life Insurance 
& Corresponding Tax Codes
  • Tax-Free Cash Value Accumulation (inside build-up) > IRC sec. 7702(a) and 7702(g)
  • Tax-Free Withdrawals of Cash Value Up to Basis > IRC sec. 72(e)
  • Policy Can Be Borrowed Against Without Taxation > IRC sec. 72(e)(5)
  • Income Tax-free Death Benefit > IRC sec. 101(a)(1)
  • Estate-Tax Free Death Benefit (with proper planning) > IRC sec. 2035
  • MEC: Tax-Deferred Build-Up of Cash Value> IRC sec. 7702A
  • MEC: Income Tax-Free Death Benefit > IRC sec. 7702A
  • Income Tax-Free Accelerated Death Benefit Rider > IRC sec. 101(g) and 101(a)(1)
Equitable Webinar

1. Our top 3 strategies for protecting assets during volatile times

2. A top life insurance sale idea to support clients' retirement goals

3. Knowledge of this concept and the benefits it can provide your clients

Thurs., May 14th , 4:30 pm (EDT) Register
GPAgency-Assurity DI Webinar
Wed., May 20th , 11:00 am - 11:30 am EDT (10:00 am CT)
  • How to sell income protection in the current environment
  • Utilizing electronic resources to keep your business active
  • Essential workers that need an agent like you
Prudential Webinar

Everyone has an estate. Anything someone owns or controls at the time of death is an estate. So, all clients need to take advantage of tools that can help them build estate plans that are right for them so they can preserve their legacies for future generations.
Understand essentials of the estate planning process and:
  • How to Protect Clients
  • How to Protect Clients’ Legacies
  • How to Implement Tax Reduction Strategies 
Register now to learn how you can help clients build an estate plan that’s right for them.
Wed., May 20th, 1:00 PM EDT
Featuring: Prudential’s Karen Hoffman, Vice President, Advanced Planning Group


Note: Prudential Suspends 30-Year Term Life Insurance Until June. 
Sales Aids
Assess Your Retirement Readiness

Quickly estimate clients' future income with the Assured Edge Income Achiever ® Calculator. Simply answer WHO, WHEN and HOW much to estimate. The calculator will produce a printable report clients can keep for reference.

AIG Marketing & Sales Support: AIG has some of the best sales and marketing material out there. The products are designed to fit very specific markets and all collateral is built with this in mind.

Help clients share medical records instantly
Principal ® is working with Human API to make it easier to sell life insurance policies and speed up the application process by helping clients share their medical records electronically during the underwriting process.

Traditionally, it can take from three to six weeks to gather this information from medical providers. With this easy online tool, policy issue time is reduced up to several weeks since results are immediate. Click HERE to view Human API video.
is a legacy solution that can give your clients financial flexibility for whatever the future may bring, because it features:

  • A lifetime guaranteed death benefit
  • A return of premium — available day one 
  • Chronic illness protection — if they would need care
Because WealthCare can be sold with Accelewriting, it’s ideal for social distancing.
Social-distancing sales idea:
selling to clients, ages 50+
Many individuals approaching or in retirement are concerned about having financial security — especially in these uncertain times. You can help these clients feel confident about the years ahead.

Legislative Update

Stay current with important court rulings and legislative updates that impact our industry by checking out the summaries provided in John Hancock's monthly publication: Central Intelligence .
Nationwide’s Work-from-home Cybersecurity Tips
One of the challenges of working at home during the COVID-19 pandemic is increased cybersecurity threats. Nationwide's Threat Intelligence Advisory team created this guide to share insights about the risks and tips on how to avoid them: Cybersecurity Guide.

Benefits of Lifetime Whole Life

Click HERE to VIEW VIDEO on the benefits of Transamerica Lifetime whole life policy. With policies $100,000 or more, clients have access to best rate class of Preferred Elite, avoid medical exams, and can add living benefits at no additional premium cost.
95% of approved Transamerica Lifetime cases $100,000 and above for insured ages 18-65 did not require fluids or labs.
SOCIAL MEDIA Over 100 Posts!
Great time to "up" your social presence.

We will be continuously compiling a library of posts that you can access through our website: Producer Portal > Sales / Marketing. Click on green Social Media button.

Smart solution for this climate
Accelerated Underwriting!
Click HERE for our list of carriers that offer Accelerated Underwriting. It’s a general outline and is continuously changing, usually for the better. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our office (800) 283-8376. This document will be continuously updated and can be found on our website: Producer Portal > Forms> GPA Resources.
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