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A Note From Kelly


May has FLOWN by!  It's one of my favorite months, as summer begins and people start to come out of their winter caves. I feel like I'm seeing my neighbors for the first time in months!  Dillon turned THREE this month and I turned... well, a year older as well.  


At Caissa, we had an incredibly packed month, as we tried to meet with every client before Memorial Day. During Minnesota summers, people tend to pick the boat and golf course over coming in to the office to talk about finance. Who knew? Julie and Denise had their absolute "A" game on, and provided the very excellent client service we aim to give. Thank you, ladies! 

Our maiden Caissa Conversation was a hit! If you missed it, be sure to ask me about how you can incorporate your digital assets into your estate plan. We will also be adding this topic to our next meeting for all of our clients.
On a lighter note, we have been in our new office space for about a year and a half.  This month they have started renovations that will take us into the next year including a remodel of the main floor, elevators and changing the outside of the building from the interesting 70's blue to a better silver/grey color.  If you are joining us at the office, keep an eye out!
I wish you all an amazing summer and I hope everyone's boat is in the water by now!



CAISSA in the Wall Street Journal
In May, CAISSA was featured in a Wall Street Journal article. I shared how we're able to help our clients plan for the distribution of their digital assets in their estate plan. Read how my team and I have helped other clients, and learn what we will be discussing in your next CAISSA meeting! 

CAISSA Market Update

The Market in Action

  • The United States Commerce Department reports that the U.S. economy grew just .2 percent in the first quarter of 2015. Though analysts expected sluggish growth due to the bad winter weather, the report underscores the still-fragile state of the economic recovery. 
  • Oil and natural gas giant Royal Dutch Shell PLC plans to acquire competitor BG Group PLC for $70B, creating the world's largest supplier of liquefied natural gas. 
  • Comcast Corporation cancels its $45B merger with Time Warner Cable after Federal Communications Commission (FCC) went unconvinced the deal was in the public interest and recommended the case be reviewed in court. 

Learn about big tech break outs inside! 


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