May 2018

Keep Your Team Motivated During This Busy Time
How do you keep your team motivated? 
  • Be a super communicator.  Keep your team up to date, especially as job schedules change.   Also communicate work schedules to customers.
  • Acknowledge success.  Let everyone know that you're proud of what they're accomplishing.   Thank team members for overtime.  Share photos and positive customer comment cards in your work areas.
  • Set progress goals and give rewards. Buy lunch for the team or hand out gift cards for hitting weekly targets.
  • Be a positive leader.  Leaders and managers set the tone for the whole crew.
Let us know how we can help you have a great month!

The Team at North South Supply
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We Can Save You Time & Money on Large Projects
Have a residential or commercial project coming up?   
North South can make your job easier and increase your profits.

Our experts are trained to:
  • Produce an accurate comprehensive materials list
  • Identify special-order, non-stock items and provide accurate lead times
  • Identify opportunities to value-engineer.  
To get started, e-mail the plans along with any notes regarding changes or substitutions to  We will contact you with any questions to get started. 

Yogi Berra might have called it "Déjà vu All Over Again", but it's no joke.  

Pros hate customer call-backs.  Doing the same task twice wastes time and chews up profits.  You can't get to other customers because you're back at the same place. 

Customers hate callbacks too.  They hate having to complain.  They hate taking another day off work.  They hate staring out the window waiting for the technician to return.     
Here are three important ways to reduce callbacks:

1) Get your team focused on customers' exact requests. Make sure all of the details are noted on work orders. Stress the importance to all that they read the information when they're on the job site.

2) Train your technicians on the RIGHT procedures. You can't afford to have crew members doing it "their way".  You must have everyone doing things according to your "rule book".  Cutting corners and steps often ends in headaches.

3) Use checklists to close out both new installations and service visits.   Checklists require your crews to verify things are done correctly before they leave the site.  5 minutes with a thorough checklist can save hours of wasted time correcting deficiencies during callbacks.    

No More Dull Blades!  Crews Love the Swichblade Cutter

Stop wasting time on the jobsite changing blades! With the new Blazing SwitchBlade cutter you can change to a new sharp blade in under 10 seconds.
  • PTFE Coated Blade
  • Blades are sharpened, laser cut and Teflon coated in the USA out of US carbon steel for unmatched cutting quality.
  • Comfort Handle
  • Designed to conform to the contour of your hand.
  • Quick Release Blade
  • Simple push button blade release allows for the fastest blade change on the market.
  • 10 Pack of Blades
Replacement blades are available in single packs or 10 pack cartridges with magnetic backing for easy storage.

Do You Follow-Up Fast Enough?
Don't neglect opportunities that are available to you    

Every sales lead you receive comes at a cost.   You spend a lot of time and dollars to generate new business. So why are you neglecting to follow up?
Understand quality leads have a short shelf life. Customers are picking up the phone or clicking on your web site because they want something now.  Procrastinating on follow up simply gives your competition a chance to get ahead of you in the sales race.
Recognize opportunity appropriately. Sometimes leads don't come in the form of a voice message or web site form. Often they're more subtle. For example, a customer might say "I'd really be interested in landscape lighting like you did for Mrs. Searcy."   Sounds like opportunity, right? Dig deeper. Show interest. Then follow-through!
Follow a process. Set up a simple system to turn warm leads into buyers.   
Use a calendar to remind yourself to stay in touch. And make use of new tools like e-mail marketing to make sure they stay up to date on your offering. Remember it's not a "no" until they say so. 
Rain Bird Updates Rotary Nozzle Product Line

Rain Bird has reworked and expanded the line of R-VAN Rotary Nozzles to offer superior features and performance across Adjustable, Full Circle, and Strip models.  
Contact your North South representative for more information.

R-VAN Rotary Nozzles = Performance. Redefined.

- Full-Line Matched Precipitation Rate
- Hand Adjustable
- Debris Flushing
- Larger Water Streams

NDS redesigned Flo-Well is easier to install and holds up to twice the amount of water than other drywell systems, resulting in half the digging and half the cost of a traditional drywell system

Able to hold up to 55 gallons of water, which is over 50 percent more than a traditional peastone drywell, the Flo-Well units can also be connected or stacked to increase holding capacity and accommodate a variety of drainage needs.

Many cities have required that stormwater runoff remain on the property to reduce pollution into local water beds such as rivers and lakes. The Flo-Well units collect, retain, and discharge stormwater on-site, offering a gravel-free alternative.

The Flo-Well system offers important environmental benefits: It is made from 100 percent recycled plastic and stormwater filters naturally through the subsurface, reducing pollutants

Water Retention is created through site design that allows the temporary storage and slow release of storm water run off.   NDS Flo-Well can be used alone or piped together in a series to manage a multitude of water volumes. The volume of runoff is reduced which decreases the chance of flooding and soil erosion.

The new cone-shape design is stronger than the older, ribbed flat panel lid, and has not only additional lid fastening features but also an NDS Universal adapter cut out. It has supports for an 8" pipe with further cut outs for better filtration of stormwater runoff.

The primary purpose of finding the source of failure is to prevent continuing or future problems.

As an analyst, it is important to enter any examination with an open mind, not biased with a preconceived conclusion.

As commonly repeated on the popular TV crime investigation shows, "see where the evidence leads"!

Discover how professionals analyze failures and learn how to prevent problems. 

Click here for the full article from LASCO Fittings. 

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