Helping Families During COVID-19
and Beyond
During this time families may be struggling for many different reasons; there are several resources available to families now and throughout the year. Families who want more options in their service delivery can choose the self-directed option. Using this service can allow parents, friends and others to get paid to provide care to adult children.
*(The DDD is providing Personal Protective Equipment for those who are independently directing their services. For those who go through an agency, please contact that provider.

As always, please reach out to your support coordinator to learn how to access these and any other services.

Hiring a Self- Directed Employee
There are two models available through the Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD):
1.        Vendor Fiscal/Employer Agent, with Public Partnerships LLC (PPL) as the fiscal intermediary (when going through this model, we recommend using a Supports Broker) .
2.        Agency with Choice, with an agency that provides Community Based/Individual Support Services.
To learn more please visit:  DDD Self Directed Employee

Another source of funding can come from the NJ Division of Disability Services (DDS) which is called the Personal Preference Program (PPP). This is totally separate from the DDD budget and can be additional funding for those who qualify. 
Staying Connected

Through the budget- The DDD has recently received a large influx of requests for iPads and Laptops in order to allow individuals to stay connected to family, take online classes and participate in day program services virtually. Due to the amount of requests, approval for these items has been delayed through the DDD’s Service approval helpdesk but we are still putting in the requests in. However, we are also looking into alternate modes of connection.
Many of the Phone Companies provide low cost internet and inexpensive computers. There are also services that provide FREE smart phones to individuals in order to stay connected.

Comcast - low cost internet and inexpensive computers. To Qualify: You receive Medicaid, or SSI, you live in an area where Comcast Internet service is available, you are not an existing Xfinity Internet customer and have not subscribed to Comcast Internet within the last 90 days, you have no outstanding debt to Comcast.
The following list of telephone service providers participate in Lifeline Assistance and Link Up programs in New Jersey.
·        If you are a Verizon New Jersey customer, please call NJSHARES at 1-888-337- 3339 or visit them at their website.
·         CenturyLink/United Telephone Company of New Jersey – 1-800-201-4099
·         Warwick Valley Telephone Company – 1-800-952-7642
·         TracFone – 1-800-977-3768
·         Nexus – 1-877-870-9222
·         Assurance Wireless
Free Computers- limited availability:
Dave Sullivan Email:
Steve Palaszewski Email:
Our PC Lab is located at:
The Morris Habitat for Humanity Restore
274 S Salem St
Randolph, NJ 07869

To learn more about Utility Assistance programs in New Jersey please visit: NJ Assistance Programs
Monthly contacts with your Support Coordinator
By now many of you know the process of Support Coordination. As a team with you, we develop a plan, the plan is implemented meaning services start and then we monitor the plan. The requirements are that the Support Coordinator has to make at least 1 home visit per year, make monthly phone contact and quarterly visits. At this time, the quarterly visits are being conducted virtually. Monitoring is not only to check in, there are many things that go into these contacts so we wanted to bring this to your attention so you have information and questions ready for your support coordinator.
The easiest way to ensure a valuable contact occurs is to have standing meetings with your support coordinator. For example you may schedule this with your support coordinator for the first Tuesday of every month at 11am. These times should be arranged with you and the Support Coordinator ahead of time.
The Support Coordinator is required to make contact to the place where services are rendered as well so you may want to coordinate a time after the SC has discussed progress with the service provider.
Some of the things we are monitoring are:
1.        Identifying any pertinent issues, obstacles and resources that need to be explored
2.        Follow up on any issues that may have occurred over the last month
3.        Medicaid Waiver eligibility. Since the Supports and CCP are Medicaid waivers it is important to have this discussion regularly to prevent any lapses in Medicaid coverage. Discuss Medicaid re-determination and remind about Medicaid financial limits as well as review info about HMO’s.
4.        Budget assessments. Review of what the budget is, how much was spent, what is left and uses for the budget as well as description of line items in the SP and CCP waivers.
5.        Service review. Are the services provided meeting the needs of the individual? Are the services in line with the outcomes the team has developed? What are the goals that will help the individual achieve those outcomes? And what is the progress of those goals? If services are not meeting needs, a discussion of other services and referrals will occur.
6.        Are there physical, emotional or behavioral changes that need to be addressed? Did someone have surgery? Monitor regular MD visits. Make sure all annual MD visits have occurred- Primary MD, Dental, Vision, Specialists.
7.        Community involvement. Is the individual getting out in his/her community? Interacting with others? If not, why? Anything that can be put in place to assist in reaching a goal of community integration.
8.        Friendships and Social Interactions. Discussion of hobbies, success in new areas and what may be needed to help this occur.
9.        Any employment issues or supports needed, review of health and safety issues.
10.    Unusual incidents that have occurred during the last month and action needed or resolution.

The Department of Human Services held a great live webinar about the various services that are provided across divisions. To view this to go their Facebook page .
As always, if you need help reach out to your support coordinator, if you need additional assistance you can reach out to their Supervisor or go to and let us know your concern. We are here to help you. 
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