That's right...
Your generosity made that all happen during the month of May!

But wait...there's more!

Did you know that Christian HELP has been running workshops for jobseekers? Here's one success story.

Ellen has been struggling to make ends meet. She's been working a part-time retail job making $10 an hour. She needed something better, along with a healthy dose of confidence and to refine her interviewing skills. Ellen started attending the Christian HELP workshops, and it made a huge difference.

"I got an interview with Universal. Because of Christian HELP's training, I did so well on the interview questions that they skipped over the regular position I was after and offered me
a leadership position!"

Ellen had never had a leadership position before. She was excited about having a full-time job at a much higher pay rate...and full benefits!

The Christian HELP workshops made the difference.

"The workshops gave me the confidence to go for it!"

Ellen is grateful for the training she received.
Your generosity gave her a new start.
Are you a natural coach? Do you care about people?

We have an opportunity for YOU!
Christian HELP is looking for volunteer Employment Coaches!

We are looking for caring professionals who can equip and empower individuals to find the right job and career path. You'll provide one-on-one Christ-centered, client-focused, relationship-driven care and training. You will also provide the assessments, practical skills, and encouragement needed to
succeed in the job search.
You should be a business or HR professional whose background includes understanding and executing hiring practices. You should be proficient in Microsoft Outlook, OneDrive, Teams and other, similar programs, with an ability to learn other software platforms quickly.

If this sounds like you, please email Tracie Searles for details.