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May 5, 2015
Award winning stamp of Gypsy

Wolf Haven's
winning design

The New Mexico Wilderness Alliance recently
released its 5th international
commemorative Mexican
gray wolf stamp featuring
the artwork of Skie Bender,
Education Outreach
Specialist at Wolf Haven. Each year, artists from across the country submit their
artwork and this year's stamp
design - inspired by Wolf Haven Mexican gray wolf, Gypsy - was chosen from more than 50 entries.

Says artist Skie Bender,"I've always been fond of Gypsy for her gregarious albeit shy and curious energy." The Mexican Wolf Conservation Stamp is a framing-quality conservation stamp.
All proceeds from the stamp benefit Mexican gray wolf conservation and education efforts. Purchase the 2015 stamp.
May 5 is #GiveBIG  Day
Every year, the Seattle Foundation hosts a one-day online charitable giving event to inspire people to give generously and support local nonprofit organizations. This year, #GiveBIG takes place today: Tuesday, May 5th. Donations of any size will be stretched to a larger dollar amount, thanks to additional funds from The Seattle Foundation and corporate sponsors.   Please GiveBig 2015 and SUPPORT Wolf Haven!

Luca and Ione
Ione settles in

On February 12, 2015, Wolf Haven did something very unusual  - we accepted a wild wolf into our sanctuary. This wolf had become too habituated and comfortable around domestic animals and people. All of the other animals living here (with the exception of two coyotes who were orphaned as pups), were born in captivity. This was a gamble for everyone involved: Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, Wolf Haven, the community where the wolf lived (town of Ione) and the wolf herself. Now, nearly three months later, we can state that she seems to have adjusted to her new life. Helping her become acclimated was her companion, Luca, a wolfdog rescued from the fur trade.  Read Ione's Story . 

Evolution of a sanctuary 
Beginning June 1, guests will be able to reserve their sanctuary visit through our new online reservation system. This change will more fully align Wolf Haven with best practices as a sanctuary.  Wolf Haven achieved American Sanctuary Association (ASA) accreditation a couple of years ago and we continue to strive for only the highest level of care for our residents as we work toward accreditation through the Global Federation of Sanctuaries (GFAS).  Read more about Wolf Haven's evolution .

"Working to conserve and protect wolves and their habitat."
Wolf Haven International | 3111 Offut Lake Rd SE | Tenino, WA 98589