May Newsletter

May at Belliston means a lot of preparation for all things FUN!

Please read through this carefully and let us know if you have any questions!
RAD Exam Info & Dates-

Both RAD Mock Exams and Filmed Exams are quickly approaching. Your dancers have been working so hard at RAD workshops and we're excited to see all their hard work pay off during their final exam!

Please see both schedules attached below. Some adjustments have been made to the schedule so please refer to the updated schedule below.

Dancer's must arrive 30 min before their scheduled Mock Exams and must arrive 45 min before their scheduled Filmed Exam so please plan accordingly.
Spring Show 2021 Information

Spring Show is right around the corner! Both teachers and dancers are working hard to put on an amazing show but this means we need your dancers in class. If your student is quarantined, but well enough to dance, we ask that you add their absence to Parent Portal and indicate they will be attending through Zoom. Attending through Zoom is better than not attending at all in the case of a quarantine and is helpful to the teacher.

We can't wait to showcase how amazing your dancers are!!
2021-2022 Placement Conferences

The 2021-2022 Fall Schedule is COMPLETE and Zoom placement conference dates and times are LIVE!

If your dancer is going to be in 1st grade or up next year, please use the Sign Up Genius below to schedule a Zoom conference to receive your dancers placement for the 2021-2021 season. More time slots will be added as slots begin to fill up. Dancers attending Kindergarten and Pre School in the fall will have the opportunity for different conference times.

We ask that ALL families schedule a placement conference!

Dancers will ALSO receive our Summer Evening schedule during their conference and recommendations for Summer Dance Camps!

Both parent and dancer must be present at the conference!
Dancer of the Month!
Each month, three teachers will be asked to nominate one student who they feel is doing a great job in and out of the classroom. If you see one of these dancers in the hall, congratulate them on a job well done!
Miss Alex's dancer of the month is Abby. Abby is such a dedicated dancer and comes to every class prepared and focused. She tries her very best even when something is new and does it with grace a smile on her face.
Amazing work, Abby!
Miss Erin's dancer of the month is Emma M. Emma is a joy to have in class and always has a smile on her face! She’s ready to learn and works hard. She applies feedback and has grown so much this year!
Way to go, Emma!
Mr. David's dancer of the month is Jaida. Jaida has improved so much this year. She is continually pushing past her limits. She challenges herself to improve every class. I see her working hard on her own corrections as well as other’s corrections. As a teacher it has been a delight to see this growth in a young artist.
Keep it up, Jaida!
Upcoming Events

May 13-15th
RAD Mock Exams

May 20-24th
RAD Exams

June 12th
Spring Show Dress Rehearsal

June 17-19th
Spring Show (No Classes)

June 26th
Last Day of Classes

Visit our Events page on our website for more details!
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