Vol. 3, No. 5
Let's take steps to better health.
What We're Doing
We’re reimagining the world. It may be challenging enough
to walk in the park or to visit your family these days. For many
people after prolonged isolation, getting out may be more
complicated than expected. Fortunately, Spring TM is here!
Special, Limited-Time Offer: Free Shipping ($45 Value)
Enter the code SPRINGISHERE at checkout.
Are you a Veteran in need of a mobility product?
Spring is now covered through the VA Health Care System.
Please visit your VA health care provider for more information.

Do you have a Flexible Spending Account or Health Savings Account?
Spring TM is an eligible expense.

Want to try Spring TM ?
Have your physical therapist or other health care provider
contact us at info@foraydesign.com  about our special
offer to qualified providers.
Product Feature of the Month:
Shock Absorbers
Shock absorbers reduce annoying vibrations to your hands.
Walk on a sidewalk with another walker, and notice how
tired your arms and hands become. Then try Spring TM !
The shocks also help to prevent Spring from tipping
on apparently smooth surfaces. They reduce the tendency
of a walker to slide, which is annoying and can be unsafe.
What We're Reading
Escape fiction...gardening books…we’re reading just about
anything on a printed page, preferably between covers.

Too much screen time hurts our eyes, head, neck, back -- and mental health.
Write to us at info@foraydesign.com

Or call us at: (833) MY-FORAY
(833) 693- 6729
Your Foray Design Team,
Patricia Kavanagh, M.D.
Ioannis Rutledge
Jody Day
Colin Touhey
Hal Ebbott
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