Laws for Paws e-Newsletter
MAY 2020

Please show your appreciation to one or more of these Missouri legislators who stood up for the animals during the 2020 legislative session!
Senator Scott Sifton
(573) 751-0220
Senator Jill Schupp
(573) 751-9762
Senator Lauren Arthur
(573) 751-5282
Representative Doug Beck
(573) 751-9472
Representative Deb Lavender
(573) 751-4069
Representative Tracy McCreery
(573) 751-7535
Representative Peter Merideth
(573) 751-6736
Senator John Rizzo
(573) 751-3074
Senator Gina Walsh
(573) 751-2420
We believe these legislators are deserving of special appreciation for fighting to ensure the humane treatment of animals and particularly for standing up to the puppy millers, the cattlemen, and corporate factory farms.

Thanks to their efforts our animal welfare laws were preserved this year in the Missouri General Assembly. Attempts to eliminate local laws protecting animals and efforts to eliminate the disposition process for abused and neglected animals were successfully thwarted by these dedicated legislators .

Please show them your appreciation!

Missouri Attorney General shuts down Unionville dog breeder
Legal Action by Attorney General was also recently initiated Against Cedar Ridge Kennel 
On several occasions this past month we have asked you to contact Attorney General Eric Schmitt and thank him for his recent actions to close down multiple puppy mills such as Cedar Ridge (pictured above). We also requested that you urge Attorney General Schmitt to continue his efforts to protect animals from abuse and neglect and to seek legal remedies against other inhumane puppy mills

Your efforts are paying off!  Attorney General Schmitt has listened to your calls and emails as he recently filed legal action against another puppy mill last week this time successfully closing down Little Bit Ranch operated by Angela and Danny Noland in Unionville, Mo. More Info

Please let Attorney General Eric Schmitt know that you appreciate his efforts to close down cruel puppy mills in Missouri! 
Attorney General Eric Schmitt
(573) 751-3321

Please thank Attorney General Eric Schmitt for enforcing our puppy mill laws!

It is important that public officials hear from you when they follow through on your requests! 
Founded in 1995, Operation Spot (OpSPOT) has been diligently working ever since to eliminate the unnecessary euthanasia of dogs and cats in the metro and surrounding St. Louis areas.
To learn about our OpSPOT friends and their work, for more information on pet care basics, or to see statistics on euthanasia as reported by Missouri Department of Agriculture for St. Louis area, click here
OpSPOT works toward this goal in a number of ways, namely by helping to facilitate low cost spay/neuter and other aspects of responsible dog and cat care, and by educating the public about pet care basics. These basics include:
  • spaying and neutering
  • keeping cats indoors
  • microchipping and staying current on vaccines/licenses
  • ensuring ID tags are visible
  • making advance pet care arrangements in case of emergencies


Stay Safe and Well!


If you find yourself in a situation where you question the treatment of an animal, or the conditions, or maybe you're wondering about helping wildlife or assisting in a rescue, or you have witnessed something that needs to be reported - go to our website because chances are you will find a number and/or a link that can help address it.

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