May e - n e w s
Cultivating Healthy, Connected, Equitable Communities
Growing Gardens, a 2019 grantee, is digging deep to promote community leadership, neighborhood connections, cross-cultural sharing and family health through a vegetable gardening training program for low-income English and Spanish-speakers living in Cully and nearby. S ustainable gardening classes were conducted in collaboration with Hacienda CDC, Metro, and the Oregon Food Bank. This spring residents are participating in building a variety of gardens depending on the unique situation of each family. 
New Voices, New Opportunities for Somali Teens
A new leadership project is making waves with youth who are connecting with each other on how they want to engage in the community. As a 2019 grant program recipient, the Somali Women Coalition of Portland is collaborating on workshops involving students from mostly Madison HS and the surrounding area. This work is about building on culturally specific and group initiated activities that promote community empowerment. The project also seeks to dispel the barriers to fully participate in civic life as the participants identify.
It's the Season to Register for National Nigh Out (NNO)
Want to create a more connected community increasing the sense of safety and belonging for you and your nearby neighbors? Host an outdoor party for National Night Out! It's a great way to get reacquainted and welcome new neighbors and build ties on your block or in in your neighborhood. Summer inspires picnics, ice cream socials, BBQs, and games in the park, street, or apartment court. Every year, more than 20,000 Portlanders participate. Register your party now through July 23rd. This year NNO is Tuesday, August 6th- Read more.     
Upcoming Reduce and Recycle Community Collection Events
May is charged with four neighborhood cleanup events, Rose City Park/Hollywood, Roseway, Grant Park, and Cully where volunteers and organizations are joining forces to provide convenient and affordable disposal--reducing clutter and recycling household items. Some of the events include reuse options. For more information on volunteering, dates, locations, and what materials are accepted at each event please- Read more.    
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