It's a great time to invest in Ocean Optics modular spectrometers! Place an order of $7,000 or more and receive a free Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and OceanView software, or earn discounts up to 40% off FLAME-CHEM spectrophotometers when you trade in your old spectrometer.

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Discover how Ocean Optics spectroscopy components can be integrated into OEM products rapidly and cost effectively. Levels of integration include off-the-shelf and customized spectrometers, drop-in subassemblies, and turnkey systems developed to your analytical methods.

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Ocean Optics has developed high sensitivity substrates for surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS). The glass substrates comprise a gold-silver alloy deposited to a 4 mm active area, and are ideal for trace level detection of explosives, pesticides and other samples.

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Budget LED curing lights are bidding to compete with established brands on the dental market. But is cutting costs a good idea when the quality of dental work is at stake? One study found some alarming results in an analysis of LED spectral emission and output power.

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From health issues associated with aging populations to the emergence of more virulent diseases, the demand for easily deployable diagnostic tools is great. Spectroscopy is a non-invasive measurement technique well suited to meet our evolving health monitoring needs.

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