May 2020 eNews
Keeping Parks Open & Safe During COVID-19
Need Visitors To Do Their Part
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During COVID-19, the East Bay Regional Park District has been called on to keep parks open for outdoor recreation – an essential activity expressly permitted by local health orders and encouraged by our local health departments.

The Park District has answered the call and kept parks open as much as possible. I would like to thank Park District staff for their commitment to their work and dedication to public service.

Over the past month and a half, huge demands have been placed on our parks. Through proper planning and management, we have been able to limit unhealthy congestion in parks and keep them open and safe. To maintain safety, some parks and parking areas have been closed to avoid overcrowding.

Managing visitation to ensure public health and safety and that of our employees has been our top priority. We are asking visitors to do their part by maintaining six-feet distance, bringing and wearing masks when necessary, and keeping dogs on-leash at all times.

While enjoying the parks, please do your part by taking personal responsibility for your own and others’ safety by complying with the requirements of the County Health Departments. You can help keep parks open and safe by following the health order and respecting our staff. We’re all working together to use nature as a respite for continued health and wellness.

We thank the public for their cooperation and understanding during these stressful times as we work to balance the public’s need for parks, public health, and the health and safety of our employees.

Be safe in your Regional Parks.

Robert E. Doyle
General Manager
Mother's Day Message
Check Park Status Before You Go?
For this Mother's Day, consider doing breakfast in bed, walking in your neighborhood, or visiting parks on less crowded days or times. If you do plan on visiting a Regional Park, make sure you check before you go. Due to COVID-19, some parks, parking lots, and staging areas have been closed to limit overcrowding. However, most of the Park District’s 125,000 acres of parklands and 1,300 of trails remain open and accessible for outdoor activity.

 Check before you go. Interactive Map | List
Updated Health Orders and Effects on Regional Parks
On April 29, 2020, Bay Area Public Health Officers extended the current Shelter-in-Place until May 31. All construction projects may proceed, which is great for the economy as well as Regional Parks. The health order allows the Park District to reopen Golf courses at Tilden and Redwood Canyon and potentially host Summer Camps with fewer than 12 children.  Social distancing is still required and masks are needed while outdoors.
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"Thank you so much for keeping so many trail areas open during the Covid-19 shelter order! It has been a life saver to be able to get outside and hike in the beautiful hills." Melanie L. (Concord)
Together #WeAreEBRPD
Together #WeAreEBRPD, dedicated to public service, and protecting natural resources, now and for the future . Help us keep parks open and safe by staying six-feet apart, not using picnic areas or gathering with a group, and reducing your carbon footprint by not driving to your local park when possible.
What’s Happening Around the District
Many Restrooms supporting trail use reopened on Monday, May 4. Wash stations or hand sanitizer may not always be available so visitors should bring their own. Health Department-approved PPE has been distributed to park staff for cleaning of restrooms, including cloth masks, KN95 masks, gloves, and coveralls.

Restrooms supporting picnic areas and group activities remain closed as those activities are not permitted in accordance with state and local "Shelter in Place" orders.

Trash pickup has resumed in all parks. Thank you to all park staff for your commitment to health and public safety.

Mission Peak Stanford Avenue Staging Area to remain closed until May 31 by mandate of the City of Fremont. The Park District had planned to reopen the staging area May 5 with the return of restroom and trash service. We are disappointed that the City of Fremont has chosen to force the closure of the park access point when residents need it most for fresh air, exercise, and stress relief.

Sunol, Coyote Hills, Rienhart Redwood - Redwood Road Entrance, MLK Jr. - Doolittle North Staging Area, Leona Canyon - Canyon Oaks Drive Park Entrance will be reopening Saturday, May 9, 2020. The Briones - Bear Creek Staging Area will be opening Monday, May 11, 2020. The above parks, park entrances, and staging areas had been closed temporarily due to limited staffing and to limit overcrowding. Park visitation and use will continue to be monitored closely, with closure possible due to overcrowding.

Our Eight-person fuels reduction crew is continuing to clear and reduce fire hazards in the parks.

East Bay CiviCorps will be returning to duty soon to assist with weed abatement and fire hazard reduction Districtwide.

Construction projects in parks will resume soon, including:
  • Bay Point wetland restoration
  • Bay Trail expansion at Golden Gate Fields
  • Black Diamond Mines coal exhibit installation
  • Contra Loma Lagoon safety maintenance
  • Coyote Hills Dumbarton Campground
  • Del Valle Visitor Center
  • Hayward Marsh Treatment Restoration
  • Sibley McCosker creek restoration RFP
  • Sunol Visitor Center interior renovation
Discover Nature Virtually During COVID-19
During COVID-19, naturalists have been busy connecting parks to people through the Park District’s Parks to People digital learning program . The program uses technology to help adults and children discover nature virtually from their computers. Activities include Virtual Reality Park Tours , Field Study Videos , Creature Features , and Nature Activities & Games . More Info
Bring a Mask, Wear a Mask Within Six-Feet
Local health agencies have issued a “Cover Your Face” order asking the public to carry masks and wear them whenever six-feet cannot be maintained . Visitors should be prepared at the minimum to wear masks when in parking lots, staging areas, and around entrance gates since they can be crowded, making it difficult to maintain 6-feet social distancing. Hikers should also be prepared to put on masks when hiking on narrow or busy trails. More Info
Even Dogs Should Social Distance During COVID-19
The Park District is proud to be one of the most dog-friendly organizations in the nation. For the safety of all park visitors during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Park District requests that all dogs be on-leash at ALL times in ALL parks to help prevent crowding and interaction between unrelated park visitors. Unleashed dogs tend to group together, which leads to less social distancing between their owners. We are asking dog owners to do their part to keep parks open and safe.
Keep Greater Distance if Running or Biking
Local health agency “Cover Your Face” orders asks that runners and bikers doing strenuous exercises keep greater than six-feet distance from others since they may “more forcefully expel airborne particles.” The order also recommends that runners and bikers wear masks when possible. More Info
Bald Eagles News
In good news, the Park District stewardship staff has confirmed three active bald eagle nests in Regional parks with at least one eaglet each. The nests are at Del Valle, Lake Chabot, and Ardenwood. As with all wildlife, view from a safe distance for your safety and theirs. Keep nature natural!
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