Spring is here, and signs of seasonal renewal are emerging daily. For all of us at VCE, anticipation of spring migration signals another cherished annual event–Birdathon!

This year, like last, the pandemic requires us to limit gatherings and travel. So, VCE’s dedicated staff team, the Green Mountain Goatsuckers, will again stick close to home and Backyard Bird Quest instead, and we invite you to join us from your neck of the woods.

In this one-day blitz, we hope to set a new single-day Vermont record of 200 identified species and 1,000 Vermont eBird checklists, and raise funds to support VCE’s wildlife conservation work. To accomplish these ambitious goals, we will surely need your help.

Visit our Backyard Bird Quest 2021 web page to get all the details. We hope you'll participate in this fun and educational event, which also serves as one of VCE's most important annual fundraisers.