Olive oil production is a multibillion dollar industry, with food-grade varieties subject to regulation regarding their origin and quality. In this application note, we use the Spark spectral sensor to detect potentially damaging adulterants and dilutions in olive oil samples.

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In this application note, we describe an open-path transmission measurement of a gaseous sample, in a simulation of the effects of vehicle emissions on the environment. With a device like Spark, the spectral sensor can be deployed directly at the suspected sources of pollution.

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Spark is easily embedded into handheld colorimetric systems for applications including color measurement of studio lighting, large projection displays and LEDs in sorting operations. In this application note, we test Spark feasibility by measuring a multi-color LED strip.

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In this experiment, we use eight STS microspectrometers to demonstrate spectrometer repeatability for absorbance measurements of food dyes. As the data reveals, our spectrometers produce reliable, unit-to-unit results, offering great value for OEMs and large-volume customers. 

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Simple, cost-effective detection of fluorescent tags and tracers offers great value in biomedical applications, point-of-care testing and medical diagnostics. To evaluate the Spark spectral sensor for fluorescence, we measured fluorescein sample concentrations in water.

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Some spirits get their distinctive color tones from the use of caramel coloring, which can contribute to perceptions of quality and taste. That's the inspiration for this application note, which examines the color of spirit samples using the Spark spectral sensor.

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Save on application-ready systems - spectrometer, light source and accessories -- for absorbance, reflectance and fluorescence.

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University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK
June 3, 2015


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Munich, Germany
June 22 - 25, 2015


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