May 2017
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Dear Blazeman Warriors, Friends and Supporters!

Today, May 2nd, is the 12th anniversary of Jon's diagnosis. A day we will never forget. We always wonder what he would be doing at this time of his life...that is what we have. So many pALS continue to be robbed of the life they envisioned for themselves. When Jon started this foundation  we all had hopes that there would be at least an effective treatment by now...we still hold out for that hope.
Many of you have been very generous in your support of Jon's foundation...for that we are very grateful...thank you all! Please take a few minutes and  Visit our research site and see what has been funded with every research dollar raised.

On May 27th, it will be the 10th anniversary of his passing when he found his "Freedom" from ALS. Take a moment and give a shout out of "Freedom" for all the past and present pALS touched by this horrific disease.

Thank you,

Mary Ann and Bob,
Jon's mom and dad


Remembering Nancy Lux-Polisso
            March 12, 2017

Nancy was diagnosed back in June of 2009 and we "met" her through our youngest Blazeman Warrior, Jenny Hansen.

Nancy was Jenny's high school basketball coach. To honor Nancy, Jenny sought out the BMF and her triathlon career began. To date Jenny has raised over $80,000 in her honor and memory. Our sincere thoughts and prayers are with Nancy's family...she is missed by so many.

Welcome New Blazeman Warriors!

Sean Gray

C J Edmonds

Please welcome these two new 
athletes...have a great racing season!

Looking for a fall ride in New England? 

Check out Barry Sopinsky"s Death Tour Ride in western Massachusetts, October 7-9, 2017. A perfect way to meet and ride with other cyclists and fund-raise for ALS research. The Blazeman Foundation for ALS is one of the ALS foundations that will benefit from this great event.

Help us spread the word! 


Cycle for ALS Events

Thank you to Phil Gormley, Carrie McCoy, Kelly Garland and teams!

Year after year people have come together in New York and Ohio to raise funds for the Blazeman Foundation for ALS. We are grateful beyond words for this continued support. A very special thank you to Mary and Paul McEvoy for the most generous match again this year Thank you all!

Cycle for ALS Photos

Soul Cycle, Bronxville


Columbus Cycle

Columbus Cycle

Columbus Cycle

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On May 2, 2005, twenty-year Multi-Sport veteran Jon Blais a.k.a. "Blazeman" at age 33 was diagnosed with the fatal motor neuron disease ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis). Blazeman dubbed himself the "ALS Warrior Poet" and brought his battle to the big island of Hawaii on October 15th that year, where he became the first person with ALS to complete the Ironman World Championships. It was his last race. In 2006, a number of athletes, inspired by Jon's 2005 efforts, rolled across the finish line in Hawaii in honor of Jon and his battle against ALS. In 2007, the Blazeman Foundation for ALS expanded Team Blazeman, comprised of "Blazeman Warriors" who have committed to raising awareness and funding a search for a cure for ALS..."So  Others May Live."