May is DI Awareness Month!
May is a great time to reach out to your clients and talk to them about Paycheck Protection.
Do you know the number one reason people go out on Long Term Disability claims?

The most common reasons for long-term disability claims are* :
1. Musculoskeletal disorders (29%) - Back issues! It can affect any job
2. Cancer (15%)
3. Pregnancy (9.4%) (Complications)
4. Mental health issues (9.1%)
5. Injuries such as fractures, sprains, and strains of muscles and ligaments (9%)
*8 Integrated Benefits Institute, Health and Productivity Benchmarking 2016 (released November 2017), Long-Term Disability, All Employers. Condition-specific results.
What can we do to help you increase your Disability sales?
You have access to a LOCAL expert! Let me know what we can do to help you increase your sales.
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EZ Issue
Disability without any exam, blood or tax returns! Up to Age 50, up to $6,000 a month with only an application and Telephone Interview!

They must still be healthy, but we make the process Simple!
Call your clients TODAY and get them protected before it's too late

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