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Mother "MAY" I Have a Faster Bike  

My biggest fear is that when I die my wife will sell my bicycles for
what I told her they cost.
Upcoming Events
Local Races & BSE Events

BSE Events:
5/8 - Trophy Lakes Open Water Swim, 6pm
5/9 - Quick Bricks, Blue Sky Endurance, 6pm

Local Events:
5/15 - Sprint Tri Tune Up , James Is. County Park, 6:30pm

Upcoming Races: 
5/4 & 5/11 - Race the Landing, Charles Towne
    Landing, 6:15pm
     Co. Park, 9 am
5/6 - 2nd. Annual Mental Health Awareness
    5k/10k, Laurel Hill, 8:30
5/6 - Race the Helix 5k, Riverfront Park N. Chas,
5/6 -  Hellhole Swamp Festival 10k, Jamestown
5/13 - Green & Lean 5k, Brittlebank Park, 8:30
5/13 - Run to Momma 5k/15k, Middleton Place
   Woodlands, 9am
5/14 - Mom's Day ECO Run 5k/10k, Capers IS,
5/18 - Bulldog Breakaway 5k, Citadel, 6:30pm
5/20 - Gracie's Hope 5k Run, Laurel Hill, 8:30am
5/20 - WA5K Dash Thru The Den, WA High
   School, 9am
5/25 - Daniel Is Happy Hr 5k, DI, 6:30pm
5/27 - RiverDogs Run Forest Run 5k, Joe Riley Stadium, 4pm

Looking Ahead:
6/3 - Lowcountry Splash
6/18 - Charleston Spring Triathlon Series, Race 2

Group Ride - Tuesday 6 :00pm -check Meetup and FB for additional changes as needed
Group Run - Thursday 6:00pm

Need to get in a long run, ride, or swim this winter? Check out our Meetup group or FB page:

Monthly Spotlight
Cycling - "Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance you must keep moving" - Albert Einstein

This is our second installment in our series highlighting each aspect of triathlon. This month we're all about cycling.  (I can hear you all sighing in relief that I'm not talking about swimming this month). CYCLING: typically this is thought of as the part of the race where you can gain or lose the most time because it's the longest part of a triathlon. However, training for the bike portion of a triathlon is different than training to simply ride your bike. There's that whole thing about running AFTER you get off the bike in a triathlon...sometimes a 5k, sometimes a 10k, and sometimes a whole marathon. To be successful in triathlon you need to train yourself to hop off the bike and be ready to put one foot in front of the other (over and over again). How does one train to be all you can be on the bike?

1. Practice pedal mechanics -- Some might think Grease is the word, but here we know that Efficiency is the word when it come to triathlon. To become more efficient on the bike (hint - using less energy to go the same distance) you need to have a smooth pedal stroke and a high cadence. Does that sound Greek to you? --unless of course you are Greek, then clearly you know it's not another language, but I digress. A smooth, even pedal stroke refers to even pressure throughout the circular pedal stroke, NOT mashing your pedals down and up. It's a circular motion. Imagine a clock face with your foot kicking out and pulling back to complete the points around the clock. In addition, you want to keep your legs pumping at a fast cadence (meaning the number of revolutions per minute--as in times your foot makes a circle, NOT a forcible overthrow of a government or social order in favor of a new system--nothing political here at BSE). A cadence between 90-100 is preferable.

2. Bike handling skills: If you are interested in triathlon, then you know how to keep a bike upright and stop. That's all you need to know right? My guess is that by now you know I'm going to answer 'NO" to that question. Skilled bike handling ability will help make you faster in the a race AND help prevent crashes. Skillful braking and cornering two things you're going to want to focus on. In terms of braking, you should shift your weight toward the back of your seat and 'feather' your brakes. Feathering your breaks refers to getting a feel for your breaks so you don't clamp down too much each time you need to slow down. Braking suddenly not only can cause you to crash but anyone following closely behind you. .  

3. Practice running off the bike: Noodles! Time to eat? No. I'm referring to the feeling you get in your legs after you get off the bike and try to run. Typically your legs feel like rubber and it's really hard to walk let alone run. The secret to getting rid of this feeling? Practice, practice, practice. Throw in at least one "brick" or "transition run" after a bike workout a week. It can be as short as 5- 10 minutes of running, but the key is to run as soon as you can after the bike. Run first, reheat your leftover noodle-bowl AFTER you get back:)

That's it for now. Is that all the possible information you need to train for a triathlon? No, but... 'dems the skillz to help you train for your best triathlon yet!' BUT if you really want to race you're best triathlon yet, sign up for one of our Tri Training programs starting in June

YOU Wear It Well Award
Each month we're going to scour the internet to see who 'wore it best'. We're looking for people training and race in Blue Sky Endurance gear. That means YOU! Did you snap a selfie on a morning run? Did you get an awesome race photo last week? Post it on our FB page or your FB page but make sure to tag us, or #blueskyendurance on instagram. You post it, we'll find you. Why should you care?? Because you will win something!! And who doesn't like free stuff?!

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner award goes to....BRIAN FANCHER. Way to rock the kit at Long Course Duathlon National Championship-- coming in SECOND PLACE in his age group! Stop by the store anytime to pick up your prize! You'll forever be famous as our first winner....enjoy the moment.
The Athletes' Plate 

Sugar is good for you?? Awesome. Ok -- NO, no it's not, sorry I simply wanted to get your attention.  

Most endurance athletes want to put healthy foods in their bodies and avoid the not-so-good-for-you foods. Refined sugars are one of those not-so-good-for-you foods that actually play a very important role during endurance events. When participating in a long endurance event, in order to maintain energy and performance, maintaining blood sugar levels is critical. Products made with refined sugars (gels, blocks, sports drinks, etc --- Snickers, M&M's, Hershey's bars, -those are my add ins...what? They can't be all that bad.. Sigh, yet they are....) are specially designed to help keep blood sugar levels adequate for maintaining performance. 

Content byJanet Carter, dietitian and sports nutritionist, at or 774-400-7566-- added jokes by Siobhan Maize
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I Want my Bi-cy-cle
May is upon us and if you haven't finished all of your spring cleaning it's time to get on it, starting with your bi-cy-cle! No one wants to be that person with the bike so dirty it leaves chain tattoos all over your leg every time you stop at a stop-light.  At Blue Sky we have the perfect solution to help you clean your bike. Muc-off makes a whole host of products designed to help clean, protect, and lube up your bike. Stop by and find out more about this amazing product. 

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