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It's coming... May is MONSTER Month, and we're getting ready for the most fun month a daycare has ever had! Law and Johanna have cooked up a monster of a menu for this month's snacks, and they're going to keep you posted on their daily creations. 


We're monstrously pleased to welcome our newest team member, Amanda Bonetti, and we're urging you to take a GIGANTIC step to create an affordable childcare system for BC. 


This mega-issue of our newsletter is bursting with big news, including a very special celebration for yours truly - our 18 month anniversary! Buddings is old enough to go to Buddings! 


Find all the info, and your party invite, in the articles below! 

GrrrrrRRRRAAAAR! Monsters are awesome!


In this newsletter...

Welcome Aboard, Amanda Bonetti
Month's End Requirements
May is Monster Month
Buddings is 18 Months Old!
City of Van Steps up on Childcare
New to Buddings? Check out:



Welcome Aboard, Amanda Bonetti!
It was a quick decision, and after some fantastic interviews and amazing applicants, we're super excited to welcome Amanda Bonetti to our morning shift. She's new to the field, having just completed her Bachelor of Education specializing in Early Childhood Education, and she couldn't have better kids for her first post.

Her enthusiasm in the interview was a tip-off, but the way she managed motorcycle parking at the potato head wedding party during her observation morning convinced us that she would be perfect for the position.

Your kids will soon be talking about her creative art activities and imaginative play, and you'll be seeing her in the mornings, starting Apr. 29. Give her a high-five next time you're in.

Month's End Means Action Required

The merry merry month of May is almost here, and if you have 3 or fewer hours left, please be sure to find a time to come in, as the hours will not be rolled. 
Have you bought your hours for the month yet? In order to maintain your active account, a purchase must be made by May 1. 
Why not LOG IN now to check your hours balance and make your purchase? 
Happy May! 
Monster Month's Monster Snacks
Planning activities for our monthly themes is always a lot of fun, and when May is Monster Month, you Watermelon Monster better believe we go all in! 
Monster puppets and monster games, monster stories, and this month Lawrence and Johanna went monster-mad coming up with our snack menu. 
Visit our Google Calendar and check out their creative creations for daily dishes. Don't know what "Monster Scramble" is? "Monsterillas"? Click on the snack to get the ingredients, and follow along on Facebook to see daily photos of their efforts. 

You may have noticed that the last week of the month is still snack-less. That's where you come in! 

Send us your awesome monster menu items by May 24, and we'll test out the best ones the next week. No suggestion is too weird or challenging. Don't forget to include the word "monster" in the name. ;)

Buddings is old enough to go to Buddings!


As every buddy knows, hitting the big 1 - 8 is an anniversary of importance. You're a toddler now, and you know what that means: big enough for Buddings!


You can imagine how excited we are that our little daycare has reached this momentous milestone. Eighteen months young, and going strong. We're very proud of everything we've achieved so far, including:

  • Launching a brand new concept for daycare in Vancouver (Canada? The World?)
  • Building a reputation that our members are telling all their friends about
  • Being named Vancity's Business of Impact for 2013! 
On May 18, Buddings will officially be old enough to come to Buddings, and we have so much to celebrate that we think a party is in order. Please join us!

From 1 - 3pm, we'll be raising glasses of bubbly and collecting congratulations. :) We're catering to adults this time around, though of course children are welcome, and we'd love to have you drop in.  
Our Vancity video will be playing on the big screen, and we're inviting all our friends and colleagues for an afternoon of chitchat and munchies. 

City of Vancouver Steps up on Childcare!


In case you missed the article in the Vancouver Sun, or the post on the Mayor of Vancouver's blog, our beautiful, bike-friendly, green city is also taking a proactive approach to the childcare shortage. 
After 2012 ended WITH A SURPLUS (bravo!!), Councillor Andrea Reimer successfully advocated to allocate the $5 million to the Joint Childcare Council, to increase the number of spaces in the city, especially for infant and toddler spots. 
As you are most likely aware, a provincially funded childcare system (AKA $10/day childcare plan) has been proposed for BC, supported by researchers at UBC and endorsed as a viable solution by some business leaders. It will cost money, of course, but not as much as you'd think, and not much more than is already being spent. Check out our blog post on the question, and then do yourself, friends, and every family in BC a favour by endorsing the plan
And don't forget to vote on May 14! 
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