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Parent Training and Information Center - IDEA Part D

This month, we'd like to take an opportunity to share some of the resources that we use to provide parents with information to support and inform them in the most useful ways.

As the Parent Training and Information Center for the state of Idaho, we have access to so much that it would be impossible to provide it all in one swoop. So here are some great resources to help get you started in learning all the things you didn't know you needed to know!

Idaho Training Clearinghouse -
Idaho State Department of Education -
Idaho Administrative Code (IDAPA) -
Idaho Department of health and Welfare -

While there are only four resources included above, don't you worry, there is plenty to look at!

Please don't forget to look at the Idaho Parents Unlimited website as well, as it provides resources and information across all systems related to families of children with disabilities and special healthcare needs.

Always feel free to call!
Family to Family Health Information Center - Idaho Family Voices
May is Mental Health Awareness month and Idaho continues to make great strides to offer mental and behavioral awareness and services across the state. 
In a special series of classes hosted by Optum Idaho, participants got the opportunity to attend First Aid classes which taught them how to tend to those struggling with mental health.
The course was three days long and after receiving certification, students could then train members within their communities on these first aid methods. 

You can find out more about this at:
The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare has published the following risk factors and protective factors associated with mental and behavioral health leading to suicidal thoughts and actions among individuals. This list is not endorsed by any State agency, it is strictly informational.
  • Mental health disorders
  • Previous suicide attempt(s)
  • Substance use disorders
  • Insomnia
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Hopelessness
  • History of trauma or abuse
  • Family history of suicide
  • Lack of social support
  • Stigma associated with help seeking
  • Exposure to other suicide deaths
  • Easy access to lethal means
  • Significant losses, e.g. relationship, job, etc.
  • Barriers to accessing treatment for mental health or substance use disorder
  • Strong connections to family and friends
  • Strong connections to community support
  • No access to highly lethal means
  • Problem-solving and conflict-resolution skills
  • Effective professional care for mental health and substance use disorders
  • Easy access to different types of professional health
  • Mental and medical health care relationship that are ongoing
  • Being supported to seek help
  • Cultural or religious beliefs that discourage suicide and support self-preservation

Youth Corner

As we move along into May, it is important to be aware of mental illness and to all who may suffer from it; additionally to the youth of our communities.

Mental health can be hard to see for it has no physical traits and is often, very misunderstood. Although, the symptoms and impact can be very visible. Youth are encountered with a variety of challenges and some can be especially hard on them; causing barriers to successfully navigate the complexities of growing up to creating and maintaining healthy friendships and/or relationships. 

There are many support groups and agencies to assist with youth who are enduring a mental illness and a great resource is the “Youth Empowerment Services” or also known as the “YES” program. This program provides options and resources to families with youth who may be having some troubles around mental illness.

Provided below is a link to the official website:

VSA Idaho - The State Organization on Art and Disability

Students on IPUL’s All Abilities Dance class performed at the spring recital with Discovery Dance School. Teaching artist Kristen Combs lead two sessions of inclusive dances classes.

IPUL provides arts and education opportunities for children and youth with disabilities and increases access to the arts for all. We believe in empowering and engaging people with disabilities in the creative process through opportunities which are fully inclusive, educational, and participatory.
To learn more about IPUL's arts programs please contact 
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Positive Behavior Interventions
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Behavior is a form of communication. Participants will gain the knowledge and skills about positive supports in the home, community and schools.

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