May 2020
COVID-19 Updates
Recently Director Steve Stone chatted with Mayor Matt Miller to discuss current circumstances and how the Mental Health and Recovery board plays a part. Click on the video to hear their conversation and learn about the services still available through the Mental Health and Recovery board. For more updates and resources during this time, click the button below.
Can Cooking Be Beneficial for Emotional Health?
Indeed, it has been shown that cooking can be beneficial for emotional health. The ability to be in control of the ingredients and focus on a task can increase your well-being. Not to mention the joy of eating your creation and sharing with someone else. Read the full article to learn more about the benefits. 
Agency Spotlight

Eating Well
Mental Health America believes there are 10 tools to help you feel stronger and more hopeful. Eating healthy is one of the 10 tools. It can boost your energy, lower the risk of developing certain diseases, provide fuel to your brain, counteract the impact of stress on your body, and affect mood-related body chemicals. Visit their website for more information on the other nine tools.
Mental Health Tips
Stay Mentally Fit
Taking pleasure in mental health indicates having a good sense of wellness, or being capable to operate during everyday life while feeling comfortable to increase to a task when the possibility arises. Just like your physical health and fitness, here are a few activities you can do to improve your mental health: 
•    Exercise regularly
•    Rest & relax daily
•    Get enough sleep at night
•    Eat lots of fruits and vegetables
•    Challenge your brain
•    Be social (even is it's virtually)
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