As many of us know, there has been a considerable increase in those facing mental health challenges over the last year. Parents in particular have faced significant levels of stress and a need for emotional support, with one recent study reporting that 75 percent of parents said they could have used more emotional support than they received since the pandemic started,” and nearly half of parents (48%) reporting an increase in stress overall.

We want to put the focus on supporting parents and let them know that their emotional wellbeing is important--not only for them, but their entire family. When parents make their emotional wellbeing a priority, it helps set their children up for success!

This social media toolkit provides simple everyday wellness and self-care tips for parents and caregivers. To recognize Mental Health Awareness Month, we welcome you to download and share these six social media posts throughout the month of May (available in English and Spanish) on your social media channels. Help us let parents and caregivers know there’s a strong community of support behind them!