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Your #HealthyMinds Update
May is a special month for us. It's Mental Health Awareness Month! While mental health is important all year, it's nice to have a dedicated time when people far and wide are working towards the same goal. Check out the latest additions to our library below, and please help us to spread the word.

And stay tuned! We kick off Children's Mental Health Awareness Week on Sunday with a focus on self-care and stress-management, including the debut of two new short films featuring middle and high school students!
Managing Sibling Conflict: Obvious and Hidden Battles
Tension between siblings may seem unavoidable at times, but that doesn't mean it's not manageable. A first step is trying to understand the cause of the conflict, which isn't always obvious. We walk through possible causes of sibling conflict - from external, to internal, to environmental - and suggest parent strategies for making things better. Read more.

Understanding ADHD - Shrinking It Down
What is ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) ? Do we all have it? Do treatments work? Like all things in mental health, it's complicated. In this episode of Shrinking It Down , we talk about what ADHD is, what it’s not , the different ways it presents in kids, and things we can do to manage. Tune in.
The Clay Center in the News
Here are some low-key ways that experts say you can incorporate body positivity into your kids' lives.
Depending on how they're conducted, lockdown drills can make children very anxious and even traumatized. But little is known about the long-term impacts.
Monthly Mindfulness:
Meaningful May Calendar

A great way to practice daily mindfulness is to take a simple action that has meaning to you. Need ideas? Action for Happiness has put together a colorful calendar for the month of May, with an action for each day. View it online or print out and hang up at home, in the classroom, or at work! Get the calendar .
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The more families we reach, the more we grow our mission to support the mental wellness of young people everywhere. Thank you for helping us to spread the word!
Here's to the young, healthy minds in your life.
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