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Happy May, everyone.  I thought I would have this out to you in the first week of May, but there must have been a time warp or something. Lots of fun stuff to report.  But this will be a short newsletter in case you are can handle it.

In this issue:
  • Fireflowers Spreading Like Weeds!
  • Art in the Park--Come for your shirts!
  • A One-Day Rya Class in Byrdcall Studio
  • Lots of folks sharing their rya works in progress
  • I'm teaching at Common Ground on the Hill this summer at McDaniel College
My husband and I came across this gorgeous male Luna Moth on Mother's Day. I had to share it with you.


Fireflowers Blooming Everywhere

I made the Red Fireflower in April for the Carroll Arts Center's 12" x 12" art show.  I'm happy to say it SOLD! 
Last month I shared my Red Fireflower rya kit with you. Like a woman possessed, I've made one in purples, rusts, and blues.  Too much fun.  Check them out on etsy if you want to try your hand at color blending.
I might bring them to Art in the Park...and maybe a kit, too.   Click here to go to my etsy shop 


Art in the Park - June 6  10-4:00  
Westminster City Park-- Turn from Main St onto Longwell Ave at the light.
As my rya activities amp up, my hand-printed shirt activities are soon to slow down.   This is a great day to stock up on your shirt needs for birthdays, up-coming trips, whatever. I have a double-wide booth again this year and my good friend, Debi Robertson will be helping me out this year. 

I'm l ooking forward to seeing you!  Please remember that I forget names easily (these days) so introduce yourself if I get a blank look in my eyes when you say, "Hi, Melinda."


One-Day Rya Class for  Four Women  (sisters & daughters) 


Since I generally reserve each day for writing my rya book and filling etsy orders, I must admit that when Susan Balliet from Louisville, Kentucky contacted  me asking for a private  rya lesson, I was honored and tic kled to think someone would fly up from Kentucky to lear n rya rug making from me.    So I couldn't say no. (Story of my life...)  

Next thing you know, her sister, Bev,was signing up, too.  A month or so later, both Susan and Bev's daughters, Sarah and Courtney, asked to join the class!  I said yes, but we'd have to draw the line there. Sisters/aunts/daughters/ cousins all together learning a new skill!

Susan had seen people making rya rugs in San Francisco in 1967 and has been looking for a class ever since.  I couldn't have been happier to make her dream come true.  Susan and Bev had their sites set on a Rothko design, while the younger women opted to design their own from scratch.

After an intensive 5 hours, they left with knowledge to design a rya, calculate needed supplies, some history, their supplies, and designs. Their backings were well underway with the knotting.  (See the photos in the next article--Courtney's rya rug had its beginnings that day.)

I think they all had a special family day together and I had a day in April that I won't forget.
I'll offer more classes like this after I have completed my book...but then you won't need a class because the book will answer all your questions.  Patience, my friends.


Spotlight on Artists' Rya Creations

I am amazed weekly by the people sending me photos of their completed or almost completed works.  I will do a random showing each month, just because it is so fun to see what others are doing. 

 From Suzannah Sinclair in Greenville, Maine.
 "In the Evening"

Courtney Blair of Arlington, Virginia just completed this--her very first rya--right before I sent out this newsletter!  She is one of the four who took the class last month with mother, cousin, and aunt. (See above article.  That's her in the top picture making her first knots)

Below from Nancy Wilbourn, Sun City  Center, Florida. (She just needed a couple of skeins to complete a long-running project.)

Below from Kay Ahearn in New Zealand... You may remember seeing one of these images before. Kay likes to change and rearrange until the design feels just right. In the image on the left, the sheep has a very long pile...not practical on the floor she realizes.  So she pulls some knots, reknots and comes up with the middle design...then still feeling like it could be better, the last image is how it is today and notice the additional yarn she knotted on the very edge of the rya?  I have started knotting right to the very edge since Kay suggested it. Why not?

And from Erma Gebb of Carlisle, PA, who did the soccer ball a couple of newsletters ago, here is a completed football for her other grandson.

Well, that's all for now.  If you have sent me a photo and wonder why it's not posted, it is possible that I couldn't find it as I was compiling today.  Sorry.  Send me another shot, now that I'm more organized, I have a file just for that purpose.


Common Ground on the Hill.
Since the summer after I quit working for Hashawha Environmental Center (16 years ago) I have attended the Traditions Week(s) of Common Ground on the Hill as a "camper."  For a whole week each July I have immersed myself in the arts with talented instructors from all over the country and the world.  Through a multi-cultural curriculum of every imaginable genre of the arts my world has been broadened in more ways than I can describe in a short blurb.

This year during Week II, I will be teaching Scandinavian Rya Rug-making Monday - Friday, July 6-10 from 9 AM - 11:45 AM.  By the end of the week, you will be well on your way with confidence to complete your rya.

I strongly suggest that you take a good look at their online catalog.   Click here.  Why not sign up for a full week (or two!) of classes.  Let me know if you have questions, but register through their web site.  Don't live nearby?  They have the college dorms to house you and the dining commons to feed you....come have fun meeting people and learning new skills. guitar-slider.jpg


And again, you read to the end.
Thank you!


You are the best.  Share if you know someone who enjoys this sort of thing.  Thank you.

Melinda Byrd

Byrdcall Studio
Woodbine, MD


Save the Dates!

At the Carroll Arts Center.  All works in exhibition are 12" x 12" and priced at $144.00 including my rya FIREFLOWER.
Show continues to June 5.

Art in the Park
Westminster City Park
Saturday, June 6
10 AM - 4 PM
Great Local art from local artists and great food  served this year!

Common Ground on Hill
I will be teaching a class in Designing and Creating a Rya Rug. July 6 - 10th.
Out-of-towners, why not make a vacation of the experience?
 Room, board, music, arts--week long camp

The Mistletoe Mart
Church of Ascension
Westminster, MD
November  12, 13, &14 

Carroll County Artists Studio Tour
Drop by Byrdcall Studio or any one of the participating studios in Carroll County to see the studios and stuff we use to make the art we make!

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