May is finally here, which means it's time to raise awareness about bladder cancer!

We are so proud to partner with the World Bladder Cancer Coalition and join in their campaign to spread awareness of bladder cancer around the world.
Please see below for some of the resources that the coalition has put together to help you create awareness amongst your own friends, family and community. Please don't forget to tag Bladder Cancer Canada in your own efforts, include our website ( and use the hashtag #bladdercanceraware. We'll also be posting on our social sites every day in May, so please remember to share and comment!

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We thought you might like some inspiration on how to get involved. Scroll down to see some suggestions, and don't forget to visit our Digital World Tour map on the WBCPC website, where we've kicked off with Argentina.

Let's make all online conversations #BladderCancerAware
Bladder cancer knows no borders - Digital World Tour
Our Bladder Cancer Digital World Tour will virtually visit 31 countries – 
highlighting the impact of bladder cancer in different regions and shining the light on incredible organisations working to support people affected by bladder cancer.

Every day in May, we focus on the impact of bladder cancer in a different country. Follow our journey across social media and come back to our Digital World Tour map to learn about more countries as we share more facts & figures throughout the month.
Whom are going to ask?
This year’s World Bladder Cancer Awareness Month theme is all about conversation and your commitment to ask someone that important question “Have you ever heard about bladder cancer?”
If you ask someone this question, share what you know. Ask them to pay it forward and do the same. Imagine, how many people we could help learn about bladder cancer, signs and symptoms to look out for!

We all have a role to play in raising awareness about bladder cancer and whether you do it in-person or online, it all counts if we do it together. Join us!

Click the image to download bladder cancer factsheets to share across social media.
There are more campaign resources available on our website.
We need you! 
There are a number of different ways that you can support the bladder cancer awareness month campaign and help us to raise awareness about bladder cancer. Whether you represent a national organisation, a smaller group or are an individual – we need all hands-on deck!

Head over to our website to get inspired and explore the campaign materials!
If you have any questions, need support or would like to share an idea - please get in touch via the button below.
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