Project Transformation is a new ministry coming to Arkansas UMC. It is a program that creates summer learning for kids in need here in our state.
Your church can help get books in those children's hands!

Click below on the link for a wonderfully easy mission project that you could do during VBS or as a church. It takes minutes and can change the life of a child!
Click the button to learn how easily you can serve this way!
What will bring us together again?

You all have done such an amazing job at reaching families and teaching faith formation from a distance this last year.
Last month, I encouraged you to take things slowly and use the next six months as a transition time in ministry since children are not vaccinated.

As you look ahead in planning, keep in mind that "going back to the way we use to do it" most likely won't work since you have done such a good job accommodating all family's ministry needs from afar.

Look at what is working. Look for what would help a family be connectional with the church body. Think outside options and schedule changes. Think of opportunities for family mission together. Think intergenerational approach. Think fresh expressions. Think like you did when the church had to close the doors. Get creative and let the Holy Spirit guide your creativity.
Great New Pentecost book out! So beautifully written and is meant to be read in sections not all at once. I have even heard of a pastor who will be using it for a sermon series!

The first ten people that email me will get a free copy sent to them as a gift from me!

The Annual Conference's planning committee is doing a promotional hashtag #LIVEWITHLIGHT to encourage all churches to come together as we prepare to gather. They asked me to prepare a Children's Message that a pastor, volunteer, or Children's Minister could do at each church. Church members could then tag pictures with the #LIVEWITHLIGHT, and the communications team will be able to collect them for sharing at this year's Annual Conference.

If you click on the link below, you can download the Children's Message and graphics for our website's message for free.
Dates to remember:
  • Annual Conf. June 2021
  • Quest September 25, 2021