Fermilab's Ramsey Auditorium
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America's premier particle physics laboratory uses Wintix fermilab

Fermilab may be Center Stage Software's most unusual client, but even an organization that draws preeminent scientists from around the world needs a good box office system.

Wintix is used for their Arts, Lecture and Gallery Series. "We utilize the reserved seating options for the Arts Series, and general admission for Lectures and Gallery Series. We made the leap to online ticketing with Webtix a few years ago, and this has been a tremendous offering to our patrons. From the very first show, approximately 60% or more of our ticket sales have been online," says Performing Arts Program Manager Janet Mackay-Galbraith.

The Arts Series brings in renowned artists such as Arlo Guthrie, the late Pete Seeger, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, 10,000 Maniacs, and Philip Glass. Fermilab also offers lectures that are generally but not exclusively scientific in nature, but meant to serve an engaged audience of non scientists. This season's lectures include "Einstein, Black Holes and a Cosmic Chirp" and "How to Bake Pi: The Mathematics of Mathematics." Both the Arts and Lecture Series take place in Ramsey Auditorium. The Gallery Series is a small chamber music series that brings musicians or ensembles to their Art Gallery for intimate concerts.
An enticin' bison

We normally don't have pictures of wild animals in our newsletter but since we are featuring Fermilab this month, we have to mention the baby bison. Every spring, people from near and far come to the lab near Chicago to see its adorable baby bison. This year as many as 14 calves are expected to be born before early June.
Fermilab's first director, Robert Wilson, established the bison herd in 1969 as a symbol of the history of the Midwestern prairie and the laboratory's pioneering research at the frontiers of particle physics. Since then the herd has been a major attraction for families and wildlife enthusiasts. For information on the lab and its visitor programs, go to www.fnal.gov/pub/visiting

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Please update your Wintix on a monthly basis! update

It is crucial that you update Wintix on all workstations on a monthly basis.
 Make updating a recurring event on your calendar.
  • To update Wintix, go to Help | About Wintix and click the "Download update" button.
  • Your Wintix build date should be 5/20/16 or later.
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Can you use Wintix on a Mac? mac

We get asked this quite frequently. The answer is "yes," with a qualified "but."

Wintix is a standard Microsoft program, so you have to use an emulator. Read more about using Wintix on a Mac here.
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