May 2015
News of the weird: clap
What is the sound of no hands clapping?  
Since when is not a thrill for someone on stage to hear an applause?

Delegates at a women's conference in the UK claimed clapping produces anxiety and asked attendees to use jazz hands to express appreciation instead. No "whooping" either, folks!

We think Bob Fosse might approve, but you can read more silliness here.

UNremarkable! remark
Are too many remarks and comments in a sales record making your reports the length of the Oxford Dictionary? You can remove them from numerous Wintix reports in a couple of different ways.

Learn how.
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How to convert a reservation to a sale Howtoconvert
This may seem like a basic operation but it can cause some confusion in the box office.

Click here for instructions on the best way to convert a reservation into a sale.
Clean your printhead  printer

Tickets getting a little smudged or faded in places? Your printer just needs a bit of TLC. Regular cleaning of your printhead makes a big difference in the appearance of your tickets.

The picture above shows what a ticket can look like when this routine task is overlooked.

If you haven't done this in awhile, here are instructions on the best way to clean your printhead.
New security certificate upgrade from security May 26, 2015
Internet security is a serious issue that needs to be periodically addressed.

Many of you use for an e-commerce gateway. will be upgrading their security certificates on May 26. Basically, the encryption being used for SSL is being changed.

If your patrons are using older browsers, this could cause problems with their online ticket orders. Please put a notification on your website to update their browsers if they have an issue buying a ticket.

Read the full notice here.
Oops! Two customer records merged into one merge
It's good standard practice to occasionally remove duplicate records in Wintix. However, in rare instances, this can cause two customer records to be mistakenly merged because of how Wintix searches for duplicates:
  • Wintix will look at the zip code, the first letter of the last name, and a condensed version of the address.
  • If all of those match a record, the record will be marked as a duplicate and removed from the file.
  • The sales history from the record that is removed will be merged with the record that is kept.
  • The record that is kept will be the record that was entered into your database first.

Wintix was designed to not require a full address match because if it worked that way you could have duplicates where, perhaps, one letter or number was mistyped, but it's still the same customer.   



Read more about what to do if it happens to you.