Volume 7     May 2017
Puppy Love Tails
Happy spring pack parents, we know that it would not feel like the start of a new month without the riveting updates from your dog's social hang out. Included in this issue are the much anticipated results of some pending canine DNA tests, a gross yet engrossing overview of all things anal gland, information about pet probiotics, some exciting building updates, our groomers corner and more. 

If you ever want to see a topic covered in our newsletter or have any questions you have ever had about your dog, please just ask us. If we do not know the answer, we will be more than happy to find out and write about it. It is our pleasure to be the place your dog spends time, we hope to be as helpful to our pack parents as possible. We would not be Puppy Love without our pack, we appreciate every one of our parents. 
Puppy Love Updates

Even though the weather has gotten better, it is still possible for dogs to get and pass kennel cough. Please be assured that we are cleaning thoroughly and we use a high powered air filter, but despite our best efforts, germs can still spread around. You can help by keeping any sick dogs at home. Kennel cough and the bordetella shot in dogs is much like the flu and the flu shot in humans, it is a preventative but does not necessarily protect against every strain. 

We are so pleased to be able to announce a few much needed updates to our facility. As many of you have already noticed, we have brand new entry gate. We appreciate that you continue to keep your dogs from jumping on the gate. Please be advised that if you bring your dog's food in a container or have left personal items for your dog, they will be waiting for you at pick up time on the ledge of our new entryway. 

We are so blessed to be able to offer a multitude of services to our pack members. If you would like your dog to have a bath or nail trim during their play day, please complete a grooming form. Completing a grooming sheet will ensure that in our busy morning routine, we do not overlook your request.

We could not be more ecstatic to be able to tell our pack parents that we are in the process completely removing the access to dirt in outside area. For reasons why and to find out if yours was one of the naughty diggers, please check out the photos of those caught enjoying the dig. (Please note the digging of this hole was a pack effort, those pictured aren't the only ones with dirt on their paws)  We are adding cement and artificial turf to the outside area lawn, a project that had been delayed by weather but should be completed the first week of May. Just in time for the Puppy Love pool and summer time to begin. 

All Things Anal Glands
Anal Glands are one of the of those things that most owners never think about.  Anal Glands  are two grape sized foul fluid filled sacs on either side of a dog's anus. 

Depending on the type of dog you own, you may be well versed in  all things anal gland .   Larger breed dogs can typically express their own anal glands, however overweight dogs and smaller breeds need them expressed as often as they are groomed. 

If a dog becomes constipated it can lead to anal gland rupture, impacted anal glands and  Anal Sac Disease . There is some controversy about how often to express the anal glands, though if there have been previous issues it may be necessary for a veterinarian to do the expression.  

Aside from expressing them regularly, there are Natural Methods of Anal Gland maintenanceHolistic Anal Gland Treatment  is easy with Puppy Love's own Butt Please essential oil anal gland spray. This spray contains oils that are indicated in keeping the anal gland area healthy in between grooms and vet visits. Staying on top of a problem anal gland issue is the only way to prevent issues that could require complicated and risky surgery to remove anal glands. 

Anal Glands  are like snow flakes to a dog, no two are exactly the same. It is in this region that dogs are able to obtain information about another dog's health, diet and mood. A dog can tell so many things through their amazing sense of smell. However, butt sniffing is a topic for another day and a reason to stay tuned to upcoming issues. We do not want to ruin the suspense by talking about all of the canine butt related issues at once.

Essential Oil News
At Puppy Love, we try to keep our space smelling clean and fresh without using toxic chemicals. Diffusing lemon oil, adding a few drops to the mop bucket and even to water bowls is a great way to keep the dogs and the floors fresh.

Did you know that lemon oil is part of the oil recipe for allergy relief? If you are sneezing already this spring, a drop of lemon oil can clear your runny nose. Add peppermint and lavender for the complete recipe.
Lemon oil can clean just about any substance known to dog and man, we should know we test it often. If you would like to purchase a 15 ml bottle of lemon oil for $12.00, please let our staff know.

Next month we will be talking about Citronella oil, which can be used as a natural deterrent to fleas and ticks. Did you know that this is a much safer alternative that flea and tick collars?

If you ever have a question about use of essential oils with dogs or how essential oils can help your dog, do not hesitate to ask, we love to hear ourselves talk about keeping our pack healthy. 

Did you know that there is now a canine approved probiotic that is 100% organic, allergen, gluten and GMO free and is made in the USA? Did you know that probiotics are a source of good bacteria and can help build immune systems?

You may be wondering why your dog would need a probiotic with a healthy diet, but using Pro-bark-otics increases your dog's ability to absorb nutrients in food and can decrease your feeding amount by 25%. That means buying less dog food and giving your dog more benefit from the food they are eating. 

Pro-bark-otics will enhance your dog's immune system, increase metabolism, reduce stress and anxiety and contains 10 enzymes and 7 probiotic strains. The ingredients in pro bark otics can improve digestion, aids in the breaking down of sugars, increases your dogs energy and can benefit your dog in more ways than we can list here. A single bottle can last up to 90 days with one shake per meal for $30.00

The Ugly Truth About Dog Food
The number one reason pet parents give for feeding their fur babies bad dog food, is
that they like it and they won't eat the 
healthy food. That is the same reason
McDonald's and Taco Bell taste better than
a home cooked meal, but certainly make
you feel sluggish after eating them. The same  is true for the dog, imagine eating nothing but  McDonald's for your entire life. Every meal. How would your stomach feel?
Even though we think of them as people, dog's do not pay taxes, cannot be claimed as dependents or cast a vote, which means that the government does not have a vested interest in what happens to our pets. Certainly not enough to care about what is put into pet food, because they are "only animals". But they are also our children, even if they are not human.

Every parent loves their child, whether they have fur or not. Doing what is best for them often requires research, and knowing how busy are pack parents are, we made it easy for you. Not only have we given you a very easy resource for checking the nutritional content of your dog's food, we carry several brands for sale in our shop.
Rate your dog's food   and make sure what you are feeding them is as healthy as the manufacturer claims. The dog food industry is not monitored by any agency and can therefore put things into your dog's food that could slowly be killing them. The dog food advisor was founded for this very reason, to avoid illness and death caused by common dog food brands. We had a dog who once got kidney stones from the most expensive dog food we had ever bought, and another who developed skin allergies and anal gland infections from a very well advertised dog food. What is written on the label can often not be taken at face value, be sure you know what you are looking for. 

Dog Foods that Puppy Love can carry:

  •    Answers Raw         
  • Best Breed 
  • Canidae 
  • Chicken Soup 
  • Eagle Pack 
  • Evangers 
  • Diamond Naturals
  • Fromm Family 
  • Grandma Lucy’s Freeze Dried 
  • Great Life 
  • Holistic Select 
  • Lotus 
  • Nature's Logic Dog 
  • Northwest Naturals Freeze Dried 
  • Premium Edge Dog 
  • Solid Gold Dog 
  • Steve’s Real Food Freeze Dried 
  • Taste of the Wild 
  • Tucker’s Raw Frozen
  • Wellness 
  • Weruva 
  • Zignature Grain Free 

Dog food orders are made by Tuesday evening for Thursday delivery. See a Puppy Love staff person about your dog's food. 

If you discover that your dog is on a food that may not be healthy, always air on the side of caution and follow the prescription for switching food. Doing so too quickly can make your dog very sick. 

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Fleas And Ticks And Worms Oh My
Building Your Dog's Trust

Like their humans, dogs carry stress in their bodies.  Also like humans, if a dog does not feel totally safe, they will not lie on their backs and stretch out in front of someone they do not trust. If your cannot stretch your dog's legs while they lie on their backs, do not force your dog to relax until they are ready. Building trust and helping a dog relax is a process that can begin in as little as five minutes a day while the dog is sleeping. Instead of taking pictures of your favorite fur baby while they are sleeping, go ahead and show them some love. 

If your dog is stressed and is resistant to a massage, you can start while they are sleeping by massaging their legs and the muscles all the way up the inside of their legs. Muscles have memory, which is why when you stretch often you can go deeper every time. The same is true for dogs, the more you do this, the more you dog will relax and develop a trusting relationship with you. 

Groomin Six Days A Week

We are thrilled to announce that we are increasing our ability to groom dogs by adding an extra day of grooming. We are now able to offer grooming services every day but Sunday and have added an additional groomer to our staff. You may have seen Dillon in the mornings when you drop your dogs off, not only is he a dog handler, he has been grooming for five years. Check out the make -over he gave Marty. Please note that it is not easy to capture a photo of Marty. 

Grooms can be scheduled over the phone or through our online gingr app. If you would like to add any grooming service to your dog's play day, please complete a grooming form and let us know what time you plan to pick up. It is our pleasure to send you home with a tired and clean dog. No one wants a stinky dog to cuddle with. 

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  Coming in June: What breeds is Sequoia?

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