May 14th, 2019
Hello friends!

Like all skills, gratitude takes practice, and one of the many joys of gratitude is that it is self-reinforcing.  When we start actively identifying things to feel grateful for, the delicious dopamine response prompts our brains to notice even more of our gifts.    
It is a virtuous cycle.

Get on that cycle and ride!

Here's a sampling of what's new in the store this month....

Super sundresses with lots of different necklines and body shapes.

An incredible variety of cropped pants in loads of different styles -turn-ups, raw-edge, wide leg, skinny, straight and in a range of washes and colors.  
They make an anklet a must-have!

Colored crystal cascades to shower your space in rainbow sparkles.

Socks with a story!  These are made in a family-owned mill in Fort Payne, Alabama, start to finish under one roof.  The company is run by a second generation sock-maker working alongside her parents.  Produced in small batches with U.S. grown certified organic cotton, low-impact dyes and minimal packaging.

This financial book takes an unexpected approach.  It is a step by step guide, filled with prayers, meditations and stories to help identify and heal our fears and feelings around money.  Over eight weeks it leads readers to a new sense of freedom and abundance.  Here's an excerpt...

Gratitude saves your buns
In India, gratitude is seen as one of the best ways to please Lakshmi, the beneficent multiarmed Goddess of Beauty and Prosperity.  They say if you're thankful for what you already have, She can't help but give you more.  Though many beg Her for favors, it's far more powerful to just thank Her for your current good, no matter how seemingly small.

Twenty years ago, I was in a temple near Mumbai, fervently praying at Her statue for what felt like hours.  When I finished, a man walked up and said, "Excuse me, madam.  If it would be all right, may I trouble you with a question, please?  To whom do you think you were praying?  Do you not know that She is exactly You Yourself?"  

Whoa!  His words jolted me.  I laughed and admitted I'd indeed completely forgotten.  I remembered that the inner divine is the highest, wisest part of ourselves.  The Inner Lakshmi already is Abundance.

Enjoy your abundance!

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