A friend of mine starts her dream job today. A job she's always wanted since she finished college. A job she's had to climb the corporate ladder to attain. A job that will pay her a salary she deserves, and a job she plans to take in another state. W ithout her husband and two young children in tow.
And I couldn't help but wonder: Who's minding the kids? Who will be there to ensure her children's needs are met while their mother is away pursuing her career? 

While scripture does not forbid women from working outside of the home, the Bible does teach about a woman's priorities if she is married and has children. For example, in Titus 2:5, Paul admonishes women to: "be  sensible, pure, workers at home, kind, being subject to their own husbands, so that the word of God will not be dishonored." As one author explains further in his article:    What does the Bible say about mothers working outside the home? (https://www.versebyverseministry.org/bible-answers/should-christian-mothers-work/)

Paul is emphasizing the importance of a woman's responsibility to attend to the duty of running a household. Paul is asking a women to embrace the role of overseer in a home, which is the role God has assigned women to the benefit of themselves, the family and society as a whole. Overseeing the home environment is an honorable and essential mission worthy of a woman's pursuit. God created woman with this mission in mind, and so He blessed them with the temperament, sensibilities and instincts best suited to meet the challenges of this role.

Does this mean that a mother who has young children should not work outside the home?

When we look at the characteristics of a godly woman found in Proverbs 31, they include a woman who not only sought to fulfill the duties needed to help her household succeed within, but one who also worked outside of her home to help her household succeed. T o answer the above question,  the article I referenced earlier lists three questions a woman might ask herself before deciding to seek employment outside of the home :

1. If she is married, does her husband agree with her decision? Is she  submitting to his authority as she makes this decision?

2. If the woman has children, is her decision consistent with the Biblical command for a mother to "love her children?" Will her choice be in the best interests of her children?

3. Can she serve her family in the keeping of the home as God has required while still serving the obligations of her employer? When her responsibility to her family conflicts with the demands of her employer, is she prepared to give her family priority?  

As a woman, fulfilling your role as a mother while pursuing your career are dual roles you may choose to wear. Just remember to keep the role God has given you as overseer of your children priority, and you' ll never have to wonder who's minding your children.

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Mother to Master: Father, as I pursue a career outside of my home, help me to never forget my most important career inside my home. Amen.  

Mother to Mother:  How do you keep motherhood a priority while also pursing a career? Send me an email. I enjoy hearing from you!

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