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Happy Seniors Month 
May has been the one of our busiest month of yet. We've refinished 2 decks, built a new front porch, installed countless railings, door knobs, and so much more. Pictures of these projects and others will be on our Facebook and website over the coming month. 

June is seniors month in Ontario, in honour of that, we are dedicating this newsletter to seniors. We have included an article on the Healthy Home's Renovation Tax Credit, 5 low cost high impact renovations to keep seniors safe in their homes and we will be increasing our seniors discount to 20% off labour for the month of June. 

Tip of the Month

Do you have salt, vinegar and dish soap hanging around ? Are you looking for a cheap natural solution to weeds ? Why not turn those ingredients into weed killer ? How you ask ? Check out the link below to find out. Just remember to leave your dandelions growing until the end of June so the bees have something to eat. 

Five Simple Safety Reno's for Seniors

Keeping seniors safe and in their own home is one of the main reasons we got into the handyman business. Recent studies have shown that 99% of Canadian doctors
believe that families should invest in simple modifications to enable seniors to continue to live safely in there own homes. We hope enjoy this article and that it will help keep seniors safe and sound !
Saying Goodbye to the Healthy Homes Tax Credit 

Ontario's Healthy Homes Renovation Tax Credit (HHRTC) was introduced in 2011 to increase the affordability of home renovations for seniors with mobility challenges. Due to low usage, this will be the last year to enjoy these savings as the ontario government has removed it from the budget as of  January, 1, 2017. Below is a link to the government website with more information on the (HHRTC) and how to best use it. 

Senior's Labour Discount 20%  

In honour of Ontario's Senior's Month My Go-2-Guy is offering an additional 5% off the standard 15% labour discount for seniors. 

Offer Expires 06/30/2016