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May's News and Notes
This May we've stayed busier than ever, and have had more variety in our work than ever before. We sta rted by repairing a pocket door, building a set of removable steps and gate, laid a drop and lock floor, assembled a computer armoire, re-caulked a shower, Built two custom cedar planters, replace some damaged deck boards, level'd the ground and built a shed to place on top, removed a raised garden bed, installed a handrail and much much more. 

Tip of the Month

I guess those pesky showers we mentioned in last months tip weren't over. With all this rain we started to notice a tiny bit of rust on some of our tools. if you've noticed some rust on some of your items, this tip is for you. We are going to explain how to treat rust and what to do to prevent from returning. 
Up-Cycling 101: This is the Last Planter, We Promise

We've gone through quite a few up-cycled planter ideas in this series, but after all it is the season to get planting. In this, the last planter we will do in our Up-Cycling 101 series, we thought we'd go flashy! because after all what garden is complete with out a beautiful chandelier. 

The Northern Boom

This month we were talking with a very good customer of ours about properties up north. He shared a story about how difficult it has been for his in-laws to purchase in cottage country. After that conversation,  when we went up to the cottage for the long weekend and sure enough there were cottages for sale from $525,000 to up words of $1,100,000. This article by Tess Kalinowski, a real estate reporter, sums it up quite nicely. 

Renovation Disaster !

This is the story of a family that purchased a crack house in Parkdale and what they went through. Many of their renovation problems could have been avoided by doing proper research and by not chasing the cheapest bid. If any of you are looking to do some major renovations this story may be for you. But I warn you this story is not for the faint of heart. 
Here is another fun creative project we completed this month. The stairs are removable to allow them to get equipment down the driveway and the gate, we built just wide enough to get there large recycling and garbage bins through, because as you can see when it's their neighbours turn to park in the driveway sometimes an alternate route is needed. Unfortunately we did forget the before picture again, but we hope the during picture gives you an idea of what we accomplished.