April Showers bring: May flowers, Mother's Day, warmer weather,  kids with Spring Fever....and a beautiful new website!! Make sure to check out the announcements below for a Mother's Day discount and the reveal of my new website!

With flip flop season officially here, this month's muscle has been a common complaint around here.  If you're feeling pain in your shins, check out the info below and find out how you can help me, help you!
Muscle of the Month: Tibialis Anterior

*Location- The Tibialis is a long, narrow muscle on the front of the lower leg, running from knee to ankle, then merging with a tendon that attaches at the big toe.

*Action- This muscle flexes the foot, bringing the toes up. This muscle is very important for walking, running, standing and balancing.

*Common Complaints- Pain in this muscle is commonly referred to as shin splints. Injury or strain to the tibialis anterior causes pain when lifting toes, moving the ankle and pointing your toes.

*Typical Causes- This muscle is often a problem with people who run long distances or on uneven surfaces. I often see an increase in pain in the tibialis as clients begin wearing more sandals or flip flops, start a jogging or running routine, and when walking long distances especially on concrete.

*Stretches- Stretching this muscle is very hard because no matter how far you point your toes, you can't get them far enough away from the front of your shin to get a good stretch. Try this stretch before and after running or walking long distances.  This video  is a good self massage and stretch. ** Because of the difficulty in stretching this muscle, the best treatment for shin splints (or tibialis anterior tendinitis) is rest, ice and massage. It's important to rest your legs and  take a break from the activity that caused the pain. Ice the shins for 10 minutes at a time, every few hours for a few days, or until pain subsides. You can pretty easily reach this muscle to self massage with either your hands, or with a roller or even a rolling pin.  
*Helpful hints- If adding some self massage, stretches and ice doesn't help, talk to me and we can discuss what your specific problem may be so we can come up with a workable solution...changing your shoes, adjusting your workout routine or evaluating your gait.

* Mother's Day Special- 

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* And now for the HUGE surprise... www.tranquilmassage.biz has a new look! 

I've been busy with some Spring Cleaning and sprucing up projects, including revamping my website. I am so excited to show it off to the world today!  My good friend Matt from Origin Snow took some time off from making snowboards for kids to help me build the new site. Matt is also the genius behind all of the Team E videos and has helped me create a fresh new look for Tranquil Massage. Please check it out and feel free to share!  

Wishing all you Moms- Sunshine, Happiness and Good Health for Mother's Day and every day!



Much Love...


 Bryn Rath

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