"Welcome to a holistic practice where we can share in the ancient ways of healing in connection with the Earth."
"I knew a Wise Woman
And she said to me
That the river would mold me
And the wild wind would cool me
That the trickster the coyote He would fool me
That father Sun would warm me
Mother Earth would clothe me
Grandmother Moon would greet me
And of the old ways she would teach me
Wise woman, she told me
To always walk lightly
Tread the Earth ever gently
Lovingly so preciously
And take from her sparingly
She said, to share with others
What you have learned from me
Be still and breathe, ever patiently
For the web of life
Has woven what is to be
But you must still chose
Your own path, you will see
And lastly, the Wise Woman said to me
To listen to the Wise one
That dwells within me
To walk my path in balance
Is too be free
More than just words
So mote it be"

.: Author: Unknown :.

W elcome to this month's installment of Reveries.
It's a lot about the landscapes I find myself in, where my thoughts dwell, where Spirits fill, and where I meet other's in luminosity, harmony, sweetness. I hope to meet you in person or virtually in these sacred liminal spaces.
If your interested in joining any of the upcoming events please read more below or join in a monthly practice (details here )
Reach out if you'd like to connect or have questions at shannon@redearthhealing.org or (706) 612-3816.

On Our Mother's Sacred Burdens
Andrea Kowch, "In the Distance"

W e all have a tender space in our heart for the mothers. We may have been given a gift of the ideal, we may have been held to that ideal. We may have longed for the ideal and looked frontways, backways, and sideways never finding that solace. We may have held ourselves to an ideal.

C hallenges between mothers and daughters are often transparent and yet to name them is to manifest the real undoing, to see our fears manifest, the utter loss and abandon of the ideal. And so, buried under burdens of patriarchy, obedience and many other real and imagined shadows, we understand our silence offers us safety and the hope in the winds of change. Time passes, mother's have daughters, become grandma's, greats and great great, never saying a word. Here, the mother wound is born, all the unspoken burdens of being a woman handed down through generations of daughters and the choices made to adapt, to survive but seldom thrive.

Please join me for an exclusive
Online Mother Wound Ancestral Healing Course
June 18th - August 30th

A re you interested in uncovering the nuanced ways in which the collective mother wounding impacts your waking life via your maternal blood lineages within a virtual supportive group, and also in private sessions?

T his is a great way to experience group support learning from each others’ experiences in deeply embodied community while working through your own process of the mother wound with your matrilineal ancestors in personal sessions. We have a special community space together via video conference and discussion forum over the course of three months which includes monthly one-on-one personal ancestral healing sessions with Shannon.

B y broadening our wisdom around core mother wounding through Ancestral Lineage Healing, we transform intergenerational wounding and negative family patterns. We hone our inner resources coming into a fully embodied life which enables us to shift through our imbalances, embody our true nature, become re-acquainted with our personal sovereignty, and are therefore more able to build compassionate and loving spaces for ourselves and those around us.

This 3-month private/group experience includes:

  • Introductory online live conference call to set up our work together, including ritual opening and time for Q&A (Time and date of call the week of June 18th to be determined by enrolled participants via doodle poll)

  • 3 private matrilineal ancestral healing sessions (one hour each) scheduled at your convenience with Shannon (one session each of the three months of the course) beginning with an assessment of the four primary bloodlines and continue toward connecting with an maternal ancestral guide to anchor blessing and bring healing through one of the lines. These sessions can occur in person or over the phone.

  • Private dedicated Facebook page and discussion space for connecting and sharing with other circle participants about experiences & a question and answer space with Shannon for our circle via a dedicated Google group

  • Concluding online live conference and closing ritual with participants the week of July 30th, (exact day and time decided by poll of participants)

Space is limited to 12 Participants
A few seats remain at this time!

If you are Interested in Joining in the Movement of Reclaiming our Ancestral Mother's Voices link here

Barbara and I are Honored to Open Enrollment for Our Second Cohort of
Spirits of the Earth Immersion
September 2018- August 2019

There is a place where we can walk in balance with those around us both seen and unseen. It is a old way, forgotten and usurped through industrialization and colonization, but intrinsic to us, inherent in our ancestry. It is a place where when grounded in truth we can claim our personal destiny, and sovereignty.

The Spirits of the Earth Immersion creates a container for a collective of like-minded seekers who are interested in developing a deepening a connection to the Earth. By using animistic principles including meditative communion, journey work, dream work, the practices of prayer, song, and gratitude, and use of our creative rootedness we will build and strengthen our community.

We welcome you to this year-long intensive where we will enliven our sacred container through which we are able to merge with the unseen to create balance and harmony in life.

Together we will:

  • Connect and strengthen our relationships with the spirits of place, our elevated ancestors, guides and spirits of affinity
  • Develop personal rituals which reinforce a connection with the unseen in sacred reciprocity
  • Hold space for initiation, integration, grounding, protection, dreamwork, grief work, clearing, and manifesting
  • Develop our personal skills which include compassionate listening, sacred witnessing, personal sovereignty & holding and honoring safe shared space
  • Co-create sacred tools with our spirit helpers to enhance our connection to Spirit through rattle making, altar building, mask making, spirit sticks, personal transformation figures and medicine bundles

Through the process of this instructive and in-depth exploration of relationships with ourselves, our community, the Earth and unseen, we will emerge to our authentic selves, better connected to a sense of destiny, spirit, and Earth.

Read more about how to be a part of this unique year long experience here: Spirits of the Earth Immersion or request your application by email intent to shannon@redearthhealing.org

Reveries from the Red Earth
.: May Features :.

Who are the Ancestors?
W hen some speak of the ancestors more likely who they are referring to is their immediate past generations such as deceased grandmas and grandpas or recently deceased family members no more than four generations back.

T hese are the ones they remember by name, through a felt connection, from family photographs or fabled stories they may have heard. And what’s important is, that in these stories, there comes to be a felt sense of connection and belonging, a general idea of the lands their people migrated from and who they were that helps them form a sense of heritage in which to identify.

I n reality, our Ancestors encompass a much more vast domain while also being much more specific. In his work, Dr. Daniel Foor describes the ancestors through an animist lens as “All the beings (human and otherwise) who lived on Earth before us, the life of the past that nourishes and shapes the present.” In his approach to Ancestral Healing, he refers to the Ancestors as the “collective wisdom and suffering of homo sapiens over the past 200,000 or so years”.

T hese ancestors are the ones who lived thousands of years past, our ancient grandmothers and grandfathers of whom we have no names but through DNA are still rooted deep within our bones. 

T hrough this work, we will come to see how the way we hold the word Ancestor takes on even more specificity as the Ancestors are referred to as the souls or spirits of those in our blood lineages who unequivocally are well in spirit. Here, we further delineate them from those in our blood lineages who are troubled dead, or who we might know of as ghosts. This lens of how we view the Ancestors informs the approach to the work.

Read more here
Celtic Ways: The Other World Journey and Death Dying and Beyond: Psychopomp Training with Gail Gulick

Happy to welcome Gail back to Athens for her wonderful offerings. She'll be facilitating a Friday evening offering of Celtic journey's to the otherworld and offering a two-day workshop on Psychopomp on June 9th and 10th. 
Still a few spaces left here and you can find out more here
Red Earth Healing is
S hannon Willis, M.Ed, a ritual healing practitioner, teacher and founder of Heart Path Studio, (www.heartpathstudio.org) a non-profit organization in Athens which aims to create a new folk culture of relating with the unseen world through the convergence of animistic and shamanic principles.
H aving made a pilgrimage to Nigeria, she is a committed student in the Ifa/Orisa tradition of Yoruba-speaking West Africa in the lineage of Olúwo Fálolú Adésànyà, She holds a Master’s degree in Professional Leadership and Counseling, and has trained the past several years in the many sacred pathways as an animist and in shamanic arts.
H er ancestors hail from the British Isles, France, and Cherokee, Chickasaw, and Choctaw nations .
Read more about her and her approaches here
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