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The team is back from Africa and telling many people about their trip. Here are some of their awesome pictures!
" You see the pictures or hear the stories of what Home of Hope is doing, but there is nothing better than going and seeing first hand what they do. I was excited to see my sponsor kids and see that my monthly sponsorship is making a difference. I saw children receive their first ever pair of shoes with the biggest smile on their face! The biggest impact for myself was seeing many of our feeding programs in action, to serve a plate of food to the children and see the joy in their eyes with a smile on their face, and then you hear the words “thank you”. Some of the kids wouldn’t be here today if it wasn't for our feeding program, and that’s what touched me. I saw a big bowl of rice - and cried - that's all it took to see that Home of Hope is actually making a difference. "

Lynzee Berreth was featured in a local newspaper. Read article here
7000 CLOSED Rwandan Churches!
All of our Home of Hope Projects are based out of Home Church locations.
Sadly, 8 of our Home Churches have been closed and 12 others are desperately needing money to stay open. Some have a week more to raise money or will also be closed.
The government has put new building codes for churches into place that include the following: building with finished plastered walls, cement floor, sound proofing walls to not disturb neighbours, rain water collection, 4 toilets and paved parking lots! Most of our projects are in rural areas where there are very poor people living in mud huts nearby. The churches are where Home of Hope has feeding programs helping 1000’s of children, animals projects, shoes projects, microloans and monthly sponsorship.
Prayer and donations of any amount would be much appreciated!
CHALLENGE Help us win $10,000
Every $1 you donate to Home of Hope in June via  GivingChallenge.ca  counts as a ballot to help us win $10,000 from the GIV3 Foundation.
Please donate today - we really want to win and use the funds to help more children this year!
Microloan Project: better than ever!
May 2018 Brian and a team have inspected the food carts strategy to rescue women and children in the many slums of Nairobi and in Goma, Congo. Here is what he wrote:
“It costs about $400 CAD to built a cart and we also like to give $100 CAD of food supplies. $500 CAD total. Women can make $10-$20 USD a day for 6 months and the cart is then given to another lady and another and another for years to come. We have MANY women who have finished a 6-month training school and are waiting for a cart. Many of these women have over 3 children some have 9 - from living in a slum where rape is rampant. Even police don’t like to go into slums for fear. 
Carts are the best and fastest way we have discovered for women to become self sustaining - feed their own children, send them to school and MOVE OUT OF THE SLUM!!
Our prayer is to have 100 of these food carts - revolving every 6 months to another lady - Home of Hope helping  1000 women and children every YEAR!!
Sponsor a Desperate Child Today
There are many children in need of sponsorship right now. Are you able to give $50/month to help a child get food, water, clothing, school, medical care, etc?
Thank you for your support - it means the world to us! We couldn't do what we do without our amazing sponsors and corporate sponsors!

If you ever have a prayer request, please email us! info@homeofhope.ca

~The Home of Hope Team
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