May Newsletter: Issue #17

Important QuickBooks Service Notice:
QuickBooks Desktop 2015 and More Sunsetting
It's that time again - s ome QuickBooks products will be discontinued on May 31st, 2018.  If you use one of the following products please note they are scheduled to sunset (will be discontinued) at the end of this month:
  • QuickBooks Pro (for Windows & Mac), Premier, and Enterprise 2015 Editions.
  • QuickBooks Point of Sales v11 and v12 Basic, Pro, Multi Store Editions.
With those products being discontinued,
 the following services in them will no longer be available
  • Payroll Services: Including processing assisted, enhanced and basic payroll, workers comp payment services, view my paycheck, etc.
  • Credit Card Processing: Merchant Services (credit cards and checks), Automatic credit card billing, and terminal downloads.
  • Other Services: Accountant Copy Transfer Service, Multi-Currency & Exchange Rate, Bill Pay, Intuit Payment Network, Online Banking.
  • All Technical Support: Including live technical support, Installation support, security updates, upgrades, error message support, product defects, and replacement CD's.
Let us know if you need help upgrading to the newest QuickBooks or have questions about these changes.  


If You Do Business Online Consider

If you have an online business, we recommend that you look into ECOMflight's services - they offer 1-on-1 consulting for e-commerce and specialize in Shopify design and setup.

They can  help you with things like setting up a Shopify store, starting an Amazon seller account,  digital marketing, and increasing your online traffic (and sales!).  

ECOMflight also offer Shopify workshops made for entrepreneurs who are interested in setting up a Shopify store from scratch OR enhancing a store you already have.  

In Honor of May the 4th,  A Star Wars Fun Fact

The Emperor who was introduced in The Empire Strikes Back was originally played on screen by an actress, Marjorie Eaton.  

When Ian McDiarmid was later cast as the Emperor character for Return of the Jedi, he filmed the scene again for the 'Special Edition' DVD release.

Many of our clients doing business in California pay sales tax to the state, and t he following are some important details about accessing your account in the new online system when it goes live this Monday, May 7, 2018.  

Beginning on May 7, sales and use taxes accounts will be moved to the  California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (CDTFA) website.   You will need to create an account by following the steps below. 

Here are the steps to logging in and setting up your account
  • Your current User ID and Password will not be valid in the new system
  • To gain access to your account, you need to set up a new Username and Password
  • When the system goes live on Monday, May 7, 2018, go to
    • Click the Login button
    • Scroll down and click View Accounts
    • Click on Sign Up Now
    • You will be prompted to enter or request a security code. Please request a security code and allow seven to ten (7-10) business days for the code to be delivered to your business mailing address.
  • Once you receive your security code, you will return to and repeat the steps above to set up a new Username and Password and access your account. 
  • Remember to provide the username and password to whomever makes your sales tax payments, if applicable.
For more information on the new online system including the tax programs that will be moved, please see special notice L-523 California Department Tax and Fee Administration (CDTFA) Changes to Online Services here:

Again, you must complete the steps above to make sales tax payments!  

Feel free to contact us if you're not sure if these changes apply to you, or if you any questions arise when you register with CDTFA.  


If Only We Were Jedi!...

We Updated Our About Us Page!

We are happy to introduce Jamie, one of our friends at Intuit.   Learn more about Jamie on our About Us page at , and meet more of the team too!

View Cash or Accrual Reports
In the New 2018 Version of QuickBooks Desktop

One of the new features in QuickBooks Desktop 2018 is the ability to toggle easily between cash or accrual accounting in reports.

Now you don't need to  create a custom report to your view reports by cash or accrual accounting, or  edit report settings to just one or the other.  Instead, you can easily switch between cash or accrual accounting basis when you are viewing a report .  

This is one of the new features that will save you time and allow you to compare performance in the latest version of QuickBooks Desktop 2018.

We've previously listed all of the  new features in QuickBooks 2018 on our blog - check out the post here.     

Add Photos in TSheets - New!

You can now add photos in timesheets in one click!  This was a highly requested feature among customers that TSheets introduced recently .  

Use this brand new feature to:

1. Track progress of on-site jobs
2. Resolve issues quickly even in locations you can't physically be
3. Another way to document your workflow helps employees build and keep momentum in their work
4. Visual updates help you make progress anywhere
5. Options like these mean you can use Tsheets for multiple tasks (time tracking, managing schedules, payroll, etc.) 

TSheets works well for us and many of our clients who need to track time and other employee information for payroll.  

...Don't Fall For It!
There are some common warning signs that someone is trying to scam you for money, here are those signs and what to do if you come across a suspicious offer but still aren't sure if it's a scam:

Pricing Options in QuickBooks Enterprise
Platinum Edition

The Platinum Edition of QuickBooks Enterprise comes with the Advanced Pricing tool, here are some of the features you will only get with Advanced Pricing:
  • Create quantity discounts
  • View the last sold price at time of sale
  • Include original price column (to show customers their discount)
  • Edit/adjust prices in multi-user mode
  • Create sophisticated price rules by sales rep, class, customer or job type, item category, vendor
  • Create rules with start and end date
  • Apply multiple rules at once
  • Create exclusive rules
You can also visit our website to view more information on each product and start a free trial of QuickBooks Enterprise.  
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