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Are things really going crazy?  No.  I just wanted to get your attention... getting someone's attention and managing it is one of the keys to becoming a great magician. And another key is having fun doing what you love, so here's some more great tricks, puzzles, and gags.


Also, we now have a new video game that you can play as ME, Louis the Magician!  Click this link, then click on "Video Game" and then click "Run"

Louis the Magician's Video Game



See you next month,


Louis the Magician

Magic Trick of the Month
Close up/ middle In this month's Magic Trick of the Month I will not be teaching you a magic trick but instead will show you a Brand New magic effect. 
Click below to watch!


"Pick a Card, Read Their Mind" Trick


The trick:

A spectator cuts the cards behind the magician's back and looks at the card cut to. Without ever having to see the cards, the magician looks the spectator in the eye and reveals the card selected!



A pack of cards.


The secret:

Take out a pack of cards and give it to someone to shuffle.  Let them shuffle as long as they want.  When they finish, have them hand the cards to you.


In getting the cards back from him or her, secretly glance at the bottom card and remember it.  Let's say, for example, that it's the two of clubs. 


Turn your back on the spectator, hold the cards behind your back, and tell them, "Now, go ahead and cut the cards wherever you wish.  I won't look."  Let the spectator take some cards off the top of the pack and hold them in their hands. 


When the spectator has finished cutting the deck, turn completely around to face them, saying, "Are you finished cutting the deck?"  While you say this, secretly take the bottom card - the one you memorized - and put it on top of the deck.  The spectator will say yes. 


Turn back around and tell the spectator, "Great.  Now take a look at the top card... the card you cut to... and remember it."  (Of course, this is the card that you memorized.)  When they finish say, "Got it? Good.  Now put the rest of the cards back on the deck."  Now hand the spectator the deck. 


Look deeply into their eyes and slowly reveal the card they selected (the one you memorized).  This will definitely throw them for a loop!




Joke Box 


Teacher: "Larry, if I have a dozen marbles in   
                 one pants pocket, fifteen in the other,
                 and 31 in back, what do I have?"


Larry: "Very heavy pants."

Thanks for being a member!  See you next month!

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