"Building Connections" is the theme for Better Hearing & Speech Month 2021 (ASHA – American Speech-Language-Hearing Association).
Our technology is designed to make life better by helping people hear better. Research has shown that hearing well (or simply eliminating the strain of trying to hear all the details) can dramatically physical, emotional and mental health. Our goal is to improve life by helping people connect to the experiences and people they love most.
In this newsletter we touch on the connection between our vision of empowering people with better hearing and the technology we use to do so.

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You asked? Dave Taylor answers!
Tech expert Dave Taylor of AskDaveTaylor reviews BeHear PROXY and finds that “there really is a lot to like in this slick integration of assistive hearing tech, hearing aid circuitry, a Bluetooth speaker, and much more.”

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BeHear Chief Audiologist Suhail Habib Allah describes his vision of leveraging technology to create a new hearing experience. He also reveals how he came to play a significant role in the development of BeHear, making life sound better for people, worldwide.

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