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Happy Memorial Day!
While the April showers are lasting well into May, we are definitely loving the flowers! The month begins with Cinco de Mayo celebrations and Mother's Day. Looking for last-minute fiesta or brunch ideas? 
Later in May, our country celebrates  Armed Forces Day and  Memorial Day. Armed Forces Day thanks those who have are currently serving in our military. Memorial Day is a national holiday  honoring those  who died while serving in the US Armed Forces. Thank you to all the brave women and men who have served and sacrificed for our freedoms. 
Contrary to what the calendar says, many consider Memorial Day to be  the start of summer! From picnics in the park to parties at the beach, our nation joins together in patriotic celebration. Need a little inspiration before your backyard bash? Check out the Martha Stewart website! Whether you need tasteful table decorations, kid-friendly craft ideas or mouthwatering barbecue recipes, there is something to make everyone's day! Regardless of how you plan to spend it, we hope you have a safe and happy holiday! 
Best wishes from everyone at RealStreet!
Katy Cook, CSP
Marketing Coordinator

A very Happy Birthday to: 
  • LaNika M. - May 2
  • Maribeth C. - May 10
  • Katy C. - May 23
What's New at RealStreet?
RealStreet Hired a New Recruiting Coordinator!
At the end of April, RealStreet welcomed Kristin Stolzenbach as a recruiting coordinator to our Marriottsville, MD office!

Get the full story on our   website.
RealStreet is Improving its Website!
RealStreet  strives for continuous improvement with all aspects of the business! While there are multiple efforts currently underway throughout the company, we would like to highlight a recent change: the RealStreet website has migrated from one hosting platform to another. While this transition might seem trivial, it actually is the first step in a much larger plan. 

The change was only made a week ago, and we are already seeing positive results. The new hosting platform allowed us to i mprove the website's performance (providing visitors with  quicker load times) and enabled us to increase security (notice the S in the https secure communications protocol). Moving forward, every page of the RealStreet website will feature a 2048 bit bidirectional encryption. The increased security will allow us to move forward with our website and system improvements with increased confidence, and further convey the importance we place on privacy.   
Keep your eyes peeled and your ears open for what's next!
New Company Benefits Plan Year!
As you know, May marks the beginning of a new benefits plan period at RealStreet. Did you sign up?  Here are some valuable websites to bookmark:
Featured News Post
3 Mindsets of Successful Leaders
Whether you aspire to become a better leader or you want to help develop a superstar employee into your company's newest visionary, you need to be cognizant of the mentalities needed to shine. Not all employees have what it takes to be a trailblazer, but those capable of holding this responsibility are an unstoppable force.

Brilliant leaders come in many different forms, but they all share the three convictions discussed in the full post. Read more!
Don't Drive Drowsy!
Tips to Avoid Drowsy-Driving Crashes
As stated on the National Highway Transit Safety Administration website, drowsy driving is a form of impaired driving that negatively affects a person's ability to drive safely. Driver alertness, attention, reaction time, judgment and decision-making are all compromised leading to a greater chance of crashing. To reduce your risk of driving drowsy:
  • Get enough rest on a daily basis - typically 7-8 hours of sleep per night. For more information on healthy sleep, see the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute website.
  • Avoid drinking any alcohol before driving. 
  • Use caution when taking medications.
  • If you must drive during the peak sleepiness periods, stay vigilant for signs of drowsiness, such as crossing over roadway lines or hitting a rumble strip, especially if you're driving alone.
  • Don't rely on coffee or energy drinks, they only provide temporary, short-term alertness. If seriously sleep-deprived, you still may have "micro sleeps" or brief losses of consciousness that can last for four or five seconds. 
  • If you start to get sleepy while you're driving, drink 1-2 cups of coffee and pull over for a short 20-minute nap in a safe place.
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