Honor Women, Defend Women's healthcare,
Protect Women's Right to Choose

May 23rd 9pm ET, 8pm CT, 6pm PT
Sponsored by C CDS Socialist Education Project

Join us for this important discussion. As we see the far right with the right justices of the Supreme Court, as they attempt to over turn Roe V Wade. Make no mistake this is an attach on everyone. By using arguments they directly threaten legal protections for homosexuality, contraception, interracial marriage, and much more.

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Mildred Williamson
Right to Life and Reproductive Justice for Black Women

Mildred Williamson, PhD, MSW, has spent her career in public service with human rights/social justice as her passion. She has more than 30 years of experience in developing and leading public health safety net programs for vulnerable populations. She recently retired as Executive Director of HIV Services for Cook County Health and continues to serve as Adjunct Assistant Professor the University of Illinois at Chicago School of Public Health (UIC-SPH). She served as HIV/AIDS Section Chief for the Illinois Department of Public Health from 2008-2015 and began her public health career at Cook County (now John H. Stroger) Hospital in 1989 as the first administrator of the Women & Children HIV Program, which today, is part of the Ruth M. Rothstein CORE Center - the largest provider of comprehensive HIV services in the Midwest. Dr. Williamson obtained her Master’s and Doctoral degrees in Social Work at the School of Social Service Administration/University of Chicago.
Heather Booth is one of the country's leading strategists about progressive issue campaigns and driving issues in elections. She started organizing in the civil rights, anti-Vietnam war and women's movements of the 1960s. She started JANE, an underground abortion service in 1965, before Roe. There is a new HBO documentary about this called The JANES, and there is a new Hollywood film version of the story, Call JANE.

She was the founding Director and is now President of the Midwest Academy, training social change leaders and organizers. She has been involved in and managed political campaigns and was the Training Director of the Democratic National Committee. In 2000, she was the Director of the NAACP National Voter Fund, which helped to increase African American election turnout. She was the lead consultant, directing the founding of the Campaign for Comprehensive Immigration Reform in 2005.

In 2008, she was the director of the Health Care Campaign for the AFL-CIO. In 2009, she directed the campaign passing President Obama’s first budget. In 2010 she was the founding director of Americans for Financial Reform, fighting to regulate the financial industry. She was the national coordinator for the coalition around marriage equality and the 2013 Supreme Court decision. She was strategic advisor to the Alliance for Citizenship (the largest coalition of the immigration reform campaign). She was the field director for the 2017 campaign to stop the tax giveaways to millionaires and billionaires She directed Progressive and Seniors Outreach for the Biden/Harris campaign. She has been a consultant on many other issues and with many other organizations. She is a member of the consulting firm Democracy Partners.
There is a film about her life in organizing, "Heather Booth: Changing the World." It has been shown on PBS/World Channel stations around the country.
Marilyn Katz--Marilyn Katz is a long-time women's rights advocate going back to the new left of the 1960s. She was part of SDS and the New American Movement. As a communications specialist, she play a major role in the campaigns of Mayor Harold Washington and Senator Carol Mosley Braum Carol Mosely Braun. She was a founder of Chicagoans Against War and Injustice.

You are invited to a Zoom meeting.
When: May 23, 2022 09:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.


Reposted from 24 FEBRUARY 2011

In the fundamentalist tradition:
The attack on Planned Parenthood

By Harry Targ / The Rag Blog / February 24, 2011
Often politicians using religious dogma as their rhetorical tool, support public policies that punish poor women, women of color, and progressive women in general.
Vivay Prashad, in his fascinating book, The Darker Nations, traced the rise and subsequent demise of the Third World Project from the 1950s to the 1980s. The Third World Project, mainly the mobilization of poor and marginalized peoples around the world, envisioned the construction of progressive governments that would provide for basic social and economic needs and institutionalize democratic participation in political life.

This project was derailed for several reasons. One of the most significant was the willful construction by threatened elites of fundamentalist religious institutions.

In the Middle East, the tottering dictatorships plowed financial resources into the creation of fundamentalist Islamic organizations. “Political Islam” was introduced into global political culture to divert and divide social movements for fundamental change.

Political Islam called for a return to the past and a rejection of modern secular ideas about social and political institutions. Religious dogma worked to replace visions of egalitarian societies. Ironically, in order to maintain stability, United States foreign policy supported insurgent Islamic fundamentalist movements in various places such as Afghanistan.

In Latin America, religious fundamentalism took a variety of forms. The leadership of the Catholic Church launched a frontal assault on newly created radical regimes, such as in Nicaragua, that based their political principles on a theology of “liberation.” Also, evangelical Christian organizations, with funding from worldwide economic elites, infiltrated Latin American countries experiencing revolutionary ferment, urging the poor to reject earthly solutions to their problems.

In North America, the religious right mobilized financial resources to appeal to an electorate frustrated by challenges to U.S. hegemony overseas and economic stagnation at home. In each political venue, whether dominated by Islam, Christianity, or Judaism in the case of Israel, religion was used to divide and conquer.

The sector of the population most impacted by fundamentalisms of every kind is women. Women are forced out of the political process as patriarchies reinstitute top-down control of their political, economic, and cultural lives and their bodies. Women’s institutions, particularly ones that encourage progressive public policies, are marginalized.

Often politicians using religious dogma as their rhetorical tool, support public policies that punish poor women, women of color, and progressive women in general. In sum, the resurgence of religious fundamentalism has been used to divide majorities of people along various lines that defuse their solidarity and the targets of such assaults are most often women.

A current example of this strategy of attacking women by raising the specter of religious orthodoxy occurred Friday, February 18, when the House of Representatives approved an amendment to budgetary legislation that would end all funding of Planned Parenthood, a national organization that provides vital reproductive health services to low-income women.
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Congressman Mike Pence (R-IN), who introduced the proposal, declared that American taxpayers should not have to pay for abortions. He failed to mention that they don’t because the government currently forbids the use of federal dollars for most abortions. Consequently, that could not have been the motivation for this legislation.

Rather, most of the 240 House members who voted to cut all allocations to Planned Parenthood wished to raise the religious issue to justify their general goal of ending public health care and guarantees for basic public health services for all. Pence failed to make note of the fact that Planned Parenthood gives contraceptive assistance to poor women, does HIV tests, screens women for cancer, and provides reproductive health care for women.

Planned Parenthood, like ACORN the community organization that was victimized last year, is under assault to achieve political goals. The attacks serve to divide the electorate in order to destroy another organization that serves the needs of the working class, in this case working class women.

Data from the Guttmacher Institute points out that in recent years almost half of women who need reproductive health care are not able to afford it. Four in 10 women of reproductive age have no health insurance.

The health care reform legislation of 2010 opens the door for expanded insurance coverage for reproductive health and family planning. Among those without health care as of 2009 were 14 million women of reproductive age. According to the new health care law, if not defied by state governments, Medicaid programs will expand family planning services to lower income families in years ahead.

As the Pence amendment suggests, existing health services for women and prospective new ones are under threat from health care opponents. They want to destroy major providers of health care for women such as Planned Parenthood. And, in the end, they want to destroy any form of public health for people.

How to do it? Transform the discourse from providing health care for the people, a broadly accepted idea, to religious dogma, in this case anti-abortion dogma.

It is time for progressives to respond. Attacks on Planned Parenthood are attacks on the working class, especially people of color, and women, and the very idea that governments are created to serve the needs of the people.

[Harry Targ is a professor of political science at Purdue University who lives in West Lafayette, Indiana. He blogs at Diary of a Heartland Radical.]

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Save the date! June 7th 8pm ET
CCDS Peace and Solidarity Move the Money Task Force event.  
David Vine (author of Base Nation and United States of War) will give a presentation regarding US military global bases followed by discussion of where and how better our tax dollars might be used to provide REAL security to our people.
Register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.
San Francisco and East Bay Branches
Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF)
Jointly invite you to a timely virtual Peace Talk
Military Bootprint

Climate Crisis and Actions for Environmental Justice
 in the Bayview/Hunters Point Community

SUNDAY, MAY 15, 2 to 3:30 pm Pacific Time
Featuring Jim Janko of Veterans for Peace and
Kamillah Ealom of Green
action in San Francisco
Presenting global and local perspectives
RSVP at wilpf.sf@gmail.com to obtain Zoom link

 Jim Janko, Albuquerque, NM, chapter of Veterans For Peace (VFP), is an active participant in VFP’s Climate Crisis and Militarism Project, which seeks to educate and mobilize others to help stop US militarism and reverse its environmental impact. The Project is part of the worldwide movement to end the climate crisis and promote climate, environmental, racial, and economic justice. It focuses on how US militarism, the single largest institutional source of greenhouse gasses on the planet, fuels the climate crisis. During the Vietnam war, Jim was an army medic in an infantry battalion, where he witnessed heavy casualties and immense destruction of the Earth. He recognizes that, in his words, “to work for climate justice is to work for social and economic justice.”

Kamillah Ealom is Community Organizer/Program Coordinator for Greenaction for Health and Environmental Justice, the organization that has been fighting in the San Francisco Bayview/Hunters Point community for health and environmental justice for over 25 years. Born and raised in the Bayview neighborhood, Kamillah is passionately committed to informing and mobilizing her community about the radioactive and toxic waste left behind by the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, and its harmful impact on neighborhood residents. Kamillah works actively with many community partners on campaigns advocating for full cleanup of the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard Superfund Site and other contamination sites, as well as ending industrial pollution that impacts the air residents breathe.

On May 15, come to hear Jim and Kamillah describe
the history of this environmental injustice and what is happening now
 to bring changes to the community and the planet!
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CCDS member Mary Elieisar holds signs for reproductive rights and against nuclear weapons.
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CCDS member Richard Ochs joins a memorial of the massacre of non-violent anti-NATO protesters by neo-Nazis in Odessa in 2014.
Founder of the Global Network Against Nuclear Weapons in Space, Bruce Gagnon, presents a slide show that Russia bans GMO agriculture like most of Europe but Ukraine is vulnerable to Monsanto’s genetic modification in the “breadbasket of the world.”
Thanks to Richard Ochs for these photos
CCDS is divided over the war in Ukraine much as the US left in general is. We encourage comradely debate.

Ukraine, Self-determination, and the National Question

Victory Day 2022
by Sandy Eaton

Today I’m thinking of Nick Burlak and his role in the original Victory Day. Even though I never met him in person after he moved to Massachusetts for his final years, I feel I know him well enough thanks to his big sister’s stories.

Anne Burlak Timpson, dubbed the Red Flame by the pulp press, both for her red hair and for her fiery rhetoric while organizing textile workers in New England and the Deep South, died before completing her autobiography, but the oral history she left behind was remarkable.

Unable to find work in the steel mills of Pennsylvania during the Great Depression, their father returned to Ukraine and brought the young Nick along. During the Great Patriotic War, Nick rose to the rank of tank commander in the battles of Kursk and Berlin. Scouting ahead of the advancing Red Army line, being multilingual, he was able to play a role in the liberation of Berlin from the Nazis.

Reshaped by the war and the revolutions following in its wake, new battle lines were drawn in Europe and globally. We had hoped such unthinkable devastation was a thing of the past, but the specter of new dangers has continued.

On this February 24th, troops from the Russian Federation entered Ukraine. These two capitalist countries, once united in the Soviet Union and sharing in its victory over fascism, once guided by proletarian internationalism, are now driven by the most crass forms of nationalism. This invasion was and is criminal, and just wrong on so many levels. But let no one claim it was unprovoked.

The miscreants who firebombed Dresden and Tokyo, atom-bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki, partitioned Germany and went on to napalm Korea and defoliate the people and plants of Vietnam created NATO, criminal from its very birth, itself a provocation to war.

In the Summer of 1983, I was part of a multinational delegation visiting the German Democratic Republic. NATO was in the process of positioning intermediate-range Pershing II missiles all along the border between the GDR and the Federal Republic of Germany, nuclear-armed and pointing East. Tensions ran really high in the GDR among its citizens and the Soviet troops stationed there. Posters and billboards were everywhere defiantly decrying a potential Euroshima.

Ronald Reagan was breaking the bank to price the Soviet Union out of existence, and it worked. With the end of the Cold War, some of us were so foolish as to expect both NATO and the Warsaw Pact to be dissolved. But NATO’s mission of aggression had not been completed.

Bill Clinton stands beside Ronald Reagan as the other pillar of the neoliberal counterrevolution in the US. Clinton was the architect of mass incarceration and mass disenfranchisement, and he pushed the expansion of NATO into Eastern Europe. He helped complete the rebalkanization of the Balkans. His air war helped partition Serbia to create Kosovo while obliterating such Belgrade remnants of socialism as the Yugo plant and the state radio-TV station. The US attacked the Chinese embassy there three times. Clinton even sent a cruise missile into downtown Baghdad to get his peccadilloes off the front page while intensifying the sanctions on Iraq that killed hundreds of thousands of kids.

The former colonial powers in NATO ravaged the Global South, focusing on North Africa, Southwest and Central Asia. Proclamations that NATO was a force for peace are so illusory as to constitute propaganda.

NATO’s very existence is a provocation.

So what would the internationalist Nick Burlak think of this fratricidal war? He may remember that Senator Harry Truman argued for delay in opening the Second Front to draw out WWII to allow Germany and Russia more time to mortally wound each other. Nick may have observed that the US and NATO are now willing to fight Russia to the last drop of Ukrainian blood. The neocons (v. The Council for the New American Century), now embedded in the Democratic Party, are pushing for yet another regime change. They smell blood in the water now and will block any serious attempt to broker a ceasefire and peace treaty.

After the Reagan-induced nuclear crisis of 1983, the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty was promulgated in 1987. Trump abandoned that treaty. Disturbingly, Biden has not yet reinstated it. That would have reduced the threat of having NATO on Russia’s border.

The war in Ukraine actually began in February 2014 with the US-orchestrated, Nazi-spearheaded coup which sent the elected president fleeing for his life. Crimea had been administratively attached to the Ukrainian SSR in 1954 by Nikita Khrushchev, and after the coup its population chose to sever ties with Kyiv and go back to Russia. Folks in sections of the Donbas Oblast chose also to sever ties with the new government in Kyiv. There and elsewhere armed conflict broke out leading to an eight-year siege in Donbas. For years weapons were flowing into Ukraine and thousands were killed. Multiparty agreements reached in Minsk were not enforced, and the shelling continued. In 2019, Volodymyr Zelenskyy was elected president of Ukraine on a peace platform, but the civil war continued.

Has the Russian president been trying to reestablish the Soviet Union? Most decidedly not. Vladimir Putin’s predecessor Boris Yeltsin ushered in an era of economic shock therapy, selling off cheaply the social wealth that decades of working-class labor had built up. Workers went months without pay in this suddenly privatized economy, and the class of oligarchs was created.

I came home from work one morning to spend the day watching C-SPAN, seeing Yeltsin’s tanks shelling the Duma in order to suppress any social-democratic efforts to counter the horrors of the neoliberal marketplace fundamentalism that had been imposed. For his efforts, Yeltsin’s 1996 reelection campaign was generously rewarded by Bill Clinton.

Later, Vladimir Putin steered in a different direction and was never forgiven by the neocons for bringing some stability to the Russian economy, and he retains much popularity on that basis. But Putin is guided by a fierce Great Russian nationalism and is tied to the Russian Orthodox Church. He is more likely to see himself as picking up where the Romanovs left off.

Shortly after the February invasion of Ukraine, he quite publicly repudiated Lenin and the Bolshevik position on self-determination of nations, singling out Ukraine. It’s not clear why he decided to do that. The Communist Party of the Russian Federation is currently the second largest bloc in the Duma. Maybe Putin was looking over his shoulder, intent on heading off trouble on the home front.

So what would we tell Nick Burlak should he appear? What would he make of what’s happened to his Ukrainian home? He lived long enough to witness the demise of the socialism for which he fought. I think he would put all his energy into building a peace movement strong enough to impose its will on both President Biden and President Putin, cutting through the torrents of propaganda and the DC Beltway group think.

The Global South by and large has not “taken sides” but looks on in horror at this conflict fraught with the increasing risk of a swift escalation into a nuclear exchange or the slower death of climate collapse. We have no choice but to fight with all our might against those forces calling for more weapons, more war, and more hatred of one people or the other.
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NATO’s Hidden History
For today’s show, Thursday host Allen Ruff turns his attention to the history of NATO with political scientist Harry Targ.

They discuss the war in Ukraine, imperialism, the “global NATO,” and Harry’s recent article in CovertAction Magazine, “Peace Movement Needs to Demand Dismantling of NATO.
Harry Targ is a peace activist and emeritus professor of political science at Purdue University, where he taught foreign policy, US–Latin American relations, international political economy, and topics on labor studies. He blogs at Diary of a Heartland Radical.
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"The Janes"
The screening of the HBO documentary The Janes

Chicago on May 19 at l7:15 at the Davis Theater. And here are social media links for the film (which will be broadly publicly available June 8):
Please post the following to relevant lists for the Thursday, June 23rd meeting, 8pm Eastern, 5 pm Pacific time via Zoom. Zoom link will be sent out at a later date. 

Medicare for All Update Group Meeting, Thursday, June 23rd

The next meeting of the Medicare for All Update Group, one hour meetings on Zoom which cover national and state movements for Medicare for All/Single Payer health care, will take place on THURSDAY, June 23rd 8pm Eastern, 5pm Pacific Time. If you wish to get the Zoom link, email m4aupdategroup.gmail.com.

We will cover three topics at this meeting:

1) Update on the movement to end Medicare Privatization through the ACO REACH program, started by Trump and supported by the Biden Administration. 

2) Frontline report from New York City's municipal retirees who are fighting the involuntary change to a privatized Medicare Advantage plan, which has been supported by both the former and current Mayor of New York, and leaders of municipal unions. 

3) Reports from Massachusetts and California on state single payer movements advances. 

There will be time for questions and discussion. 

Email m4aupdategroup@gmail.com to attend!
May Day in Cuba
Granma Newspaper reports that more than 5 Million participated in May Day Marchhttps://www.granma.cu/cuba/2022-05-02/misterios-02-05-2022-23-05-35
 Submitted by Merri Ansara
In Timothy Sheard's new children's book, Polar Bear Pete's Ice Is Melting!, Ahan, a young Inuit girl, learns from Pete that his habitat is eroding and all his friends are becoming sick: Shelley Sea Turtle can't find a safe beach to lay her eggs, Dolly Dolphin has a chronic tummy ache from swallowing the plastic in the ocean, and Gus and Gertie Snow Geese have emphysema from the polluted air they breathe in while flying north.

When Ahna posts Pete's story online, children all over North America go on strike against their parents and grandparents. They demand that the grownups STOP BURNING ALL THEIR FIRES!

Polar Bear Pete is available from Hard Ball & Little Heroes Press and from your favorite local bookseller. www.hardballpress.com
Give children a story that informs them and encourages them to become "little troublemakers," fighting to heal Mother Earth.

CCDS National Coordinating Committee 
Met April 24th

The Time of day Discussion: Ukraine /Europe plus 2022 Elections was lead off with comments from Jay Jurie and Harry Targ
Jay pointed out similarities between how fascism has historically operated with respect to protecting while also trying to control corporations: e.g., the conflict between Florida Gov De Santis and Disney corp.  

The media blitz around Ukraine is greater than any he’s seen in his lifetime, stirring up popular antagonism to Russia. 
Recommended from chat: 

Jay hopes that our discussions will continue to be civil among ourselves; and make sure “we have our ducks in a row”, that is some areas of agreement, that we go public with.

Prioritize saving lives
Oppose no-fly zone
Oppose expansion of NATO
Support multilateral negotiations – Russia, Ukraine, Slovakia, Poland, US
Oppose relying on military solutions to political problems 
While recognizing that Ukrainian and Russian lives are important, it is a distraction from what’s going on domestically, what’s happening to people’s lives in this country. We should do what we can to put our priorities back on the agenda. Do all that we can to shift the public debate back on to our terms, to focus on these crises: 
Climate change
2022/24 electoral cycles
Challenging corporate control 
We need to craft solutions to these crises. Our ability to confront these depends on what happens in the 2022/2024 electoral cycles. Abbott and De Santis both seem to be planning to run for President; Trump can’t seem to grab as much media attention as he was previously. The right wants to cement themselves into permanent power and political control. Redistricting changes, voter laws. 
This might be a good time to re-read Gramsci on war of position.   
With all that said, Jay doesn’t want to be a prophet of gloom and doom, there is an opportunity for people to wake up and see what’s happening. We should do all we can to shake the Democrats out of their complacency. One way is for us to draft model legislation, things like Medicare for All, legislation ready to be introduced and meanwhile used for education and agitation.  
Suggested reading: 
Florida for All -- "The Best Legislature Money Can Buy: Stop Corporate Greed" https://www.stopcorporategreedfl.com/ this article raises all the right points but doesn’t go far enough in solutions.  

HARRY: Showed PowerPoint on Ukraine Today: Impacts on U.S. Politics.  
The most significant predictor of voting behavior is party affiliation. “Independent” voters are less likely to vote. Issues only matter for small percentages of voters, and only in unusual times. When issues matter, economics is most important. The impact of a “rally round the flag” phenomenon is sort of unpredictable and likely to be short lived – progressive candidates should stress, as Jay had recommended, items that impact our lives. 

He showed a list of Biden’s accomplishments in his first term and suggested we should celebrate them. 
Much of the global south is indifferent to what is going on in Ukraine, and are more concerned about exploitation by the global north of the global south. 

The 1960’s saw incredible advances in domestic programs, but most of the Great Society programs failed – because of the money-suck of the Vietnam War. The same is likely to be the fate of Biden’s ambitions: we have so far sent $3.4billion in aid to Ukraine.
Carl said if Russia wins (i.e., if we do not provide military support to Ukraine) it will set a precedent that it is all right to invade another nation militarily and take it over. Ellen says it’s already a precedent as long as those taken over are not white (Palestine, Afghanistan, etc). 

Report on May Day Cuba – Kar Kramer
The NCC previously passed a resolution on recruiting young people to go to Cuba, as Cuba comes out of the pandemic and is reviving its economy. There are a number of international delegations going to Cuba, but we are seeing a continuation of Trump’s policies under the Biden administration; we need to continue lobbying the Biden admin. Karl had to acquaint himself with groups currently able to lead delegations to Cuba and did select one which will have meetings with Cuban Workers’ Federation, People’s Institute for Friendship, Cuban Women’s Federation. For next year they will focus on the May Day delegation (2 week-long delegation), and see this as a continuing project. For this year it is more of a learning experience, especially as delegations are just reorganizing after being shut down due to the pandemic.  
Marisa Jefferies-Guzman. Student at UC San Diego. They are fundraising for the trip, are very close to their goal. https://actionnetwork.org/fundraising/send-marissa-and-karl-to-cuba 
Meta asked if CCDS wanted to donate. … No motion on this but several people donated as individuals. 

Peace and Solidarity –Tom Gogan
Tom reported that the committee is preparing a webinar on Tuesday June 7, 8pm EDT put on by the Move the Money task force. David Vine, anthropology professor at American University has been invited to speak, new book: United States of War. On how human needs go unmet as the US expands its war budget. As soon as the Ukraine crisis came along, the money for Covid dried up. The committee is putting together an archive of resources to track how our money is being spent.  

Harry added some of the work that other committee members have been doing; representing a broad range of interests. 

SEP -Harry Targ
Harry reported on the 4th Monday plans. The June Monday event was canceled in favor of building the Move the Money event

Marilyn Albert reported back from Medicare for All Update Group
Medicare for All is one of the most popular and important issues in our country. The Medicare For All Update Group has met three times, mostly focusing on (opposing) Medicare privatization efforts. Medicare Advantage plans are a form of privatization.  
Tomorrow – Monday 4/25, the Commission on Health California for All will present its report on a plan for a “unified system” of health care.  
Jay says a “Medicare for All–Florida” group has been formed. Jay will ask the founder (Carl knows him) to join CCDS.  
Inside-Outside project – Meta Van Sickle
The committee has been talking about how naming a person or action gives it power. The draft document opens with mention of Donald Trump and she recommends referring to him as “45th President”. And the far Right efforts to overturn abortion rights, as “women’s rights” rather than “Feminist advances”.  She seeks further comments. 
There is a reference to neo-liberalism declining. Carl says his perspective is that “neo-liberalism is exhausted. Has no new ideas.” Karl says the US foreign policy still follows neo-liberalism.
Green Manufacturing – Carl Davidson
HR 5124, the gold standard for the Green New Deal – asks for $20 billion over 4 years to build manufacturing. Manufacturing Renaissance: Manufacturing Renaissance Campaign (mrcampaign.net). There is no likelihood of this bill being passed any time soon, this is a Gramscian “war of position”. Go to the web site, get your local govt bodies to endorse it.  
A link to a one hour presentation Carl gave on the Green New Deal is posted on Revitalizing Manufacturing with the Green New Deal | The Center for Global Justice (globaljusticecenter.org)

Jay says this is perfect in terms of linking an inside and outside approach. He added that in Florida, Florida Power & Light just got the governor to sign a law that would ban “net metering” (a practice that allows people with solar panels to sell excess energy back to the grid.) 

Announcements. Barbara Blong announced a WILPF presentation on Monday on Military Bootprint – 6pm PDT/9EDT.  

Scheduling Next NCC Meeting: July 10. 

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In case you missed it!
Past months 4th Monday's programs.

The Left, Progressives and Social Media-- October 2021

November Fourth Monday: Assessment of COP 26, US-China cooperation and future prospects: https://www.facebook.com/OULeft.org/videos/1249206465561348.
Fourth Monday in September, watch here: IDEOLOGICAL HEGEMONY AND HIGHER EDUCATION
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The book is a selection of essays offering keen insight into the nature of China and its social system, its internal debates, and its history. It includes several articles on the US and China and the growing efforts of friendship between the Chinese and American peoples.

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Taking Down White Supremacy 

A Reader on Multiracial and Multinational Unity 

Edited by the CCDS
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166 pages, $12.50 (discounts available for quantity), order at :

This collection of 20 essays brings together a variety of articles-theoretical, historical, and experiential-that address multi-racial, multi-national unity. The book provides examples theoretically and historically, of efforts to build multi-racial unity in the twentieth century.

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