November, 2019
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It's been too long...

Becoming a grandmother, not once but twice this year, blindsided my heart and my attention! But I am back and ready to pick up where we left off with a brand new, long overdue newsletter! It's so nice to be back.....please enjoy!
Maybe it's TIME...
On November 2 nd , we turned our clocks back and acknowledged winter is approaching – slowly we hope! Although this activity had everything to do with clocks, it got us thinking about…. TIME.
Most of us have heard about the 80/20 rule, but recently, I heard about a  “40/70 rule . It means if someone is over 40, chances are their parents are over 70! 
At this  TIME  of the year, our thoughts turn to holiday celebrations and spending more TIME with family and friends. Holiday visits usually last longer than a quick trip to Mum’s house for tea, so there just might be a bit more TIME to observe and TIME to chat.
This might be a good TIME to take the first steps towards having “the talk” – the one we often put off because it is so difficult to begin.
During one of your holiday visits, you may be able to gently begin a conversation with your parents and talk about "Maybe it's  TIME..."
Maybe it's TIME...
  • To look into some in-home services to help with cleaning, snow removal and/or minor repairs?

  • To share information about your Will and Powers of Attorney and encourage your parents to feel more comfortable talking about their plans.

  • To check out the fridge for things that are growing in there or past their best-before date. 

  • To take a short drive to make sure it’s not TIME for the dreaded giving up-the driver’s license talk!

  • To dare to bring up the topic of…end-of-life care and funeral plans!

  • To use your imagination and think about the many other topics to cover… and so little TIME!
At Downsizing Diva, we know that being realistic and exploring the options and resources available ahead of time can make it much easier for families to step into the next chapters of their lives, when the time comes. 
The challenge is finding the TIME for the conversation.

Lighten-up for the holidays!
Whew! Now that we’ve discussed having “the talk”, here are
12 things to sell/donate/release:
1.     Good china that is seldom, if ever, used.
2.     Shoes that look great, but hurt your feet.
3.     Under-used appliances that are just taking up space.
4.     Magazines and books. Now is the TIME to re-think your subscriptions!
5.     Coffee mugs. Keep those you like to use. Share the rest.
6.     Paper…because  P aper  A lways  P rompts  E motional  R esponse!
7.     Spices you never use or those that are older than dirt!
8.     Holiday ornaments and decorations you don’t even like. 
9.     Towels, blankets and sheets. It's TIME to donate them to a local shelter.
10.  Plastic containers – you really can have too many!
11.  Postcards, stuffed animals...or any other collection you have out-grown.
12.  Winter coats, scarves and mittens... Donate now to people in need.
The  Diva Team  looks forward to baking holiday cookies at  The Exchange   on December 3 rd . The Exchange located at 55 Healey Road in Bolton is a beautiful place for everyone living in Caledon to share ideas, participate in activities and obtain services. They are accepting food donations regularly- drop in some time and check it out!


“We make a living by what we get. We  make a life  by what we give.” ― Winston S. Churchill

It has been an honour and privilege to serve you and be a part of the Downsizing Diva team which is why it is so important to me to give back to our community. Listed here are just a few of organizations I support:

Monthly donor to Family Transition Place (FTP). FTP primarily provides services to women and children who have experienced abuse giving them safety, support and hope.

Season Supporter of  Theatre Orangeville The Theatre is in its 26 th  season and  focuses on enriching the community with a high quality, professional theatre experience that showcases the development of new Canadian works. The 2019-2020 Season is definitely one you do not want to miss! 

This is a group of local women interested in making an immediate, direct and positive effect within the Caledon area and Dufferin County by contributing 100% of their donations to local charities.

Proud supporter of  The Udder Tournament   which raised $44,480.63! This year, Bethell Hospice Foundation and Hope for Orsen and Cure SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy) were the chosen recipients. Founded to honour the life of Caledon Women’s Hockey League and teammate Donna de Boer.

Holiday Tips for everyone living with Dementia...
The Divas are huge fans of Teepa Snow, an incredible Dementia Care Educator -
CLICK HERE  to read Teepa Snow's  "Holiday tips for everyone living with dementia".
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