For this Advent season, we acknowledge we are living in troubled times.
May we all be reminded of God's tremendous Gift of Love
through these diverse Advent daily meditations.
PEACE in troubled times...
As we conclude week 2 of Advent, we look forward to the
Mayflower Cantata: Amahl and the Night Visitors
May we have a renewed sense of anticipation not only for
this special musical presentation, but for how we may experience
our own miracle of God’s redemption and love and power.
A meditation for Amahl
I am a wise man looking for a sign.
I believe that the world is meant to be a fairer place and that I should help to change it. I have access to people of power and authority, but I am not sure how to use my influence.
Pray for me and for all other influential ones who are waiting for a sign.
I am a poor widow looking for a purpose.
I am tired of being talked about,
treated as a statistic, pushed to the margins of human conversation.
I want to meet someone who will have time for me, someone who will listen to me, someone who will not take for granted who I am or what I have to offer.
Pray for me and for all poor people who are waiting to be taken seriously.
I am an old man waiting for my death.
I have looked at the world so long that it wearies me. I have prayed to God so hard for my people to be delivered from all that diminishes and destroys them.
And I wonder, as my life closes,
if change will ever come.
Pray for me and for all older folk
who are waiting for a savior.
I am a young mother waiting for my child to be born.
I feel the new life inside me,
I sense great promise throughout me,
I know my love grows for the one I have not seen.
Yet I fear that the world may be a hostile place for the little one who is to come.
Pray for me and for all expectant mothers who are waiting for their child to be born.
I am everywoman and everyman.
In my loneliness,
I am waiting to be visited;
In my uncertainty,
I am waiting to be reassured;
In my happiness,
I am waiting for deeper fulfillment;
In my soul, I am waiting to be wanted.
Pray for me, and for yourself,
for we are all waiting.
I am the Lord your God.
I have waited on you,
And I have heard your prayer.
Now is the right time,
and I am coming soon.
So, prepare a way in the desert,
A cradle in the hay,
A meeting place in the marketplace,
A table in an upstairs room,
A cross on a hill,
A grave in a garden,
A throne in your heart as in heaven.
For now attain, I will bend down
and remember you.
I will answer your prayer,
and your waiting will end in joy.
~ Adapted from the Iona Community

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