49UP & 69UP together again
in a Winter Wonderland
-- Double UP via Zoom! --
Catch-Up Time, Fun Discussion, and Music
5-6:30pm - Saturday, January 30
Zoom link will be sent to all who respond
So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up.
Join us as we
in the Bible
  • DAILY VIDEO & AUDIO recording options available
  • A FAMILY GUIDE an excellent way for young readers in your family to participate without becoming overwhelmed.
  • WEEKLY ZOOM discussions engage openly in group Zooms.
  • COMMUNITY EXPERIENCE designed for groups—more like a book club, less like a Bible study.
LENT begins Wednesday, February 17
How are you finding gratitude this season?
"Even though I can't come to church in person,
this is what I am doing instead to feel God in my life..."

(Share your thoughts to lift and give hope to others while we are all looking for ways to cope and engage in this trying time.)
Inspire Us!
“For if the willingness is there,
the gift is acceptable according to what one has, not according to what one does not have.”
Corinthians 8:12
Thank you for your continued stewardship in treasure
and faithful prayer
Mayflower Members and Friends,

As of 1/4/21, we have received
185 pledges totaling $663,000
which is 83% of our total
Covid-19 reduced budget.

Help us complete this stewardship drive
with every member accounted for 
as Mayflower continues to serve our
congregation and our community.

We are still $137,000 short
of a minimum budget so
we still have work to do.

We have heard from just 42% of our membership. I am asking you to reach out and pledge what you can today,
or simply let us know that you do
need to take a sabbatical this year.
With gratitude,
~ Ken Goodson, Stewardship Chair
Mayflower CAN!
Canned Food Drive
Every time you go to the grocery store, consider purchasing extra
canned food from the list to be
brought to the portico at Mayflower.

This is one of the easiest ways to make
a big difference in the lives of others. 
Food insecurity is a real thing for many people here in Grand Rapids this winter.
During the month of January,
Mayflower UP Groups will be hosting
two (2) opportunities for donations
of canned food items for the
Salvation Army Food Pantry.

Wednesday, January 20th
from 4-6pm
(Hosted by 29UP)

Saturday, January 23rd
from 12-2pm
(Hosted by 49/69UP)

Canned Food Needed:
Vegetables / Fruits
Soups / Pasta Sauce
We are asking churches, or small groups, or even a couple of people, to take 1 or 2 days a month for the next few months to help us feed the incredible amount of people we are seeing downtown - to serve the large encampment in Heartside Park.
Making cold meal bags for
overflow shelter and outreach
– Needed immediately –

  • Must have sealed packaging
  • Cold sandwiches can be handmade and wrapped in plastic and placed in a ziplock bag/box
  • Meals should be balanced with Proteins, Fruit, Veg, Dairy, Grains, Beverage (water, juice, milk).
Daily meals need estimated to be 50.
Would you like to provide a meal for a member of our congregation?
Mayflower is also looking for someone to coordinate a meal sign-up/schedule for those interested in providing meals.

Money donations are also encouraged to provide safely prepared meals through our catering team.
Inspire Us!
February & March
Miss Abby will be working with the children in all of the choirs on the musical: The Lost Boy!
Wednesdays either in person or
online depending on the weather.

The springtime musical at Mayflower brings an excitement that is a highlight of every year and 2021 will not be different!

Stay tuned to get your front row seat at this year's production of The Lost Boy.

Elevate will meet again January 10th

Stay tuned for more information.
Stay healthy and safe!
Pen Pals at Mayflower

Throughout the winter, students ages kindergarten through high school will
be sending postcards
to each other.

These cards will be full
of fun facts about each person and brighten mailboxes throughout
our neighborhoods, creating new friendships
in the New Year.

If your student has not received postcards to fill out and send to a pen pal, please contact the office.
Home Editions
As we enter into the season of Lent, the Home Edition packets will include games, crafts and children’s bulletins that will walk the journey of Ash Wednesday to Easter.
In case you missed it! Here are some great lessons to engage our little friends.
Mayflower Preschool
Enrollment for
Current Families &
Church Members
will begin on
Friday, January 8
at 8:00am
If you would like to enroll your preschooler, please email our office at:
preschool@mayflowerchurch.org - we will add your name/email to the list. 
An enrollment link will be sent out via email the week of January 4. 
- - It will be made “LIVE” on JANUARY 8 - - 
For more information please visit our website at:  www.mayflowerpreschool.org
Please call for appointment to meet with staff.
Check Facebook for Updates - You must wear a mask to attend all group events -
If you, or a family member, have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, 
or you exhibit any of the symptoms associated, or have recently tested positive for COVID-19, please
refrain from attending any Mayflower event until you have been through the proper time of quarantine.