You are invited
Witness the Blessing
that is Christmas!

Alternate parking available in the upper lot off Maryland.
Live Family Nativity 
Come and experience the magic
of Christmas with an outdoor candlelit walk among carolers, animals, and a live nativity.
Donations of diapers and wipes will be collected for local refugee families

7:00pm - Night of Silence
Livestream Virtual Service

11:00pm - Night of Silence
Replay: Livestream Virtual Service
In case you missed it: Mayflower Christmastide!
Thanks for Joining Us!!
29 Mayflower vehicles went to the Drive-In Movies for fun, frolic, and Elf!
Receive inspirational messages throughout the Advent season from friends, mentors, colleagues, and pastors of Mayflower Church.

Advent is Here!

Be inspired this Advent with daily
Mayflower Meditations.
If you missed any of the daily devotional emails, you can find
the messages by clicking below:
How are you finding gratitude this season?
"Even though I can't come to church in person,
this is what I am doing instead to feel God in my life..."

(Share your thoughts to lift and give hope to others while we are all looking for ways to cope and engage in this trying time.)
Inspire Us!
Reaching Out & Staying Connected 
Mayflower's "Friendly Visitors" try to stay in touch with our members,
especially during this time of COVID restrictions, often resulting in
establishing trust and a meaningful bond between the individuals involved.
Would you like to receive a call to chat about what is going on at church
and to have an opportunity to express your personal joys and concerns? 
We'd love to add your name to the list so we can give you a call from time to time.
Another caring ministry is sending cards to people on the prayer list. 
We often hear how much the recipients love getting the individually crafted cards letting them know the members of Mayflower are keeping them in their prayers. 
Please contact Murry Idema, 243-2764 or
to join in this ministry, create cards, or be added to the contact list.
One member on the Prayer List who had received several Care Cards over a period of time shared, "I always carry the latest one in my pocket every day."

Donations of
DIAPERS & BABY WIPES are being collected for Refugee Families on Christmas Eve during the Live Nativity Candlelight Trail outside Mayflower
on December 24th
from 5-6pm.
Would you like to provide a meal for a member of our congregation?
Mayflower is also looking for someone to coordinate a meal sign-up/schedule for those interested in providing meals.

Money donations are also encouraged to provide safely prepared meals through our catering team.
Inspire Us!

Elevate will not meet again until January 10th

We hope you enjoy a wonderful Christmas with your families.
Stay healthy and safe!
STAY TUNED for January Pen Pals!
In case you missed it! Here are some great lessons to engage our little friends.
Annual Stewardship 2021 Campaign
Thank you for your continued stewardship in treasure and faithful prayer.
Mayflower Family and Friends,

Please submit your pledge online or
by postal mail as soon as possible.

Council’s budget for 2021 is $985,000.
A balance of $800,000 remains solely dependent on membership pledges.

As of 12/15/20, we have received 149 pledges totaling $592k which is 74% of our total Covid-19 reduced budget. We have heard from only 30% of respondents.

To have a chance of staying relevant
in our community, we need to hear
from the 290 Mayflower
households we are missing. 

And to our Visitors, thank you for reaching out and joining us!
Have a Blessed and Safe Advent ~ Ken Goodson, Chair
Mayflower Preschool
Enrollment for
Current Families &
Church Members
will begin on
Friday, January 8
at 8:00am
If you would like to enroll your preschooler, please email our office at: - we will add your name/email to the list. 
An enrollment link will be sent out via email the week of January 4. 
- - It will be made “LIVE” on JANUARY 8 - - 
For more information please visit our website at:
Front Door Christmas Wreaths
Given in joyous celebration and memory of LeVant (Bud) Mulnix, Jr.,
Francis Baldwin Mulnix, Lee Mulnix, III, Terry Conway, Robert Mulnix, Julie Conway,
and Gordon Alexander Wolf by the Conway, Wolf, and Mulnix families.

Christmas Decorations and Alter Arrangement
Thank you to Priscilla Circle, Shari Graham, Sara Conway, and Rachael Cooley
for the decorating the front of church with festive new trees and alter arrangement.

Please call for appointment to meet with staff.
Check Facebook for Updates - You must wear a mask to attend all group events -
If you, or a family member, have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, 
or you exhibit any of the symptoms associated, or have recently tested positive for COVID-19, please
refrain from attending any Mayflower event until you have been through the proper time of quarantine.