Mayor & Council Recognize Some Special People in Palmetto Bay
Regular Council Meeting Proclamations & Recognitions
May 3, 2021
During our May Regular Council meeting held on Monday, May 3, 2021, the dais looked a little different as 11th grader Giancarlo Diago from (ISPA) International Studies Preparatory Academy, serving as Mayor for the Day, opened the meeting.

Diago, alongside our Mayor Karyn Cunnigham and members of our Village Council, recognized some very special people in the house.


May is Mental Health Awareness Month and Palmetto Bay recognizes that mental health is essential to our overall health, and the importance of attending to mental health, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has not only negatively impacted many people’s mental health but has also created barriers to treatment.

Lara Gastelumendi from Homestead's Medical Academy for Science of Technology and Carolina Merchan from Miami Palmetto Senior High School are most deserving of this special recognition for their notable efforts in leading the Kids Virtual Town Hall scheduled for May 20, 2021 to talk and bring awareness of issues like stress and anxiety in teens. The Village is committed to ensuring that people, regardless of age, living with mental health conditions are treated with compassion, respect, and understanding. The Village of Palmetto Bay is proud of the leadership and service of young leaders like Lara Gastelumendi and Carolina Merchan who have taken the initiative to raise mental health awareness and their continued efforts in helping the community to live longer, healthier, and happier lives. 

During Earth Day week, we announced the 2021 Mayor's Environmentalist of the Year Award. Leopoldo Llinas is most deserving of this award for his notable efforts and willingness within the community to promote environmental stewardship and innovation to protect our natural resources in the Village of Palmetto Bay. We'd like to thank him once again for his dedication and leadership in the enhancement of environmental awareness in our community. Mayor Cunningham also thanked the two runner-ups, Ines Mander and James Woodard.

Special Recognitions

It is with great appreciation that Mayor & Council recognized Andrea Marron for her volunteerism in the community of Palmetto Bay during Palmetto Bay’s Community Clean-up between April 10 and April 24, 2021. Volunteering of an individual’s time and resources is an essential part of the Village’s spirit. Volunteers show every day through their actions that they truly care about their communities and the people who live in them. Andrea Marron has done an exemplary job in committing her time and energy in performing a Village-wide clean-up by collecting and logging trash that was collected during the Village Earth Day series of events. She kept Palmetto Bay beautiful and clean by collected an estimated 800 pounds of trash. The Village of Palmetto Bay is fortunate of your volunteerism to the community. 

We know Palmetto Bay's Got Talent which is why the two nominees for the 2021 Mayor's Environmentalist of the Year Award were also recognized. Liede DeValdivielso and Terri Stephen are most deserving of this recognition for their notable efforts and willingness to promote within our community environmental stewardship and innovation in order to protect our natural resources in the
Village of Palmetto. 

The Village also recognized Bright Adventures Academy, LLC for their investment in our community, their service and for engaging children in a creative curriculum while being cared for.

Lastly, Council recognized Harry Nerenberg on his retirement from teaching at Miami Palmetto Bay Senior High School. The Village is forever thankful for the great environment that he cultivated for both learning and teaching, for forging positive and supportive relationships with community members and other organizations to ensure all students receive the quality education that they deserve.

Thank you for your many contributions in education over the years and we hope that your legacy will continue to resonate not only within the walls of Miami Palmetto, but also with the minds of students, parents, and teachers in the community for the years to come.

If you missed the meeting, or would like to see the presentations again, check out the meeting video online.

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